Vegas Encounger: 5-24-05  

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5/24/2005 11:00 pm

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Vegas Encounger: 5-24-05

Her name was Crystal. She said she was 19 and from Iowa (some small town she would not name). I found her through one of those cards that are handed out on the street from short, dark brown men and women who like they are from somewhere in central America. You've probably seen the cards whenever you walk the strip in Vegas as they people who hand them out have a distinctive way of snapping the cards to make a noise and attract your attention. It's quite uniform, actually, as if they are taught this in some training school. For years I wondered how they made money doing this and why they didn't just throw the cards away. Apparently, there's a very intricate commission program based on the phone number called, the amount collected, etc. However, the people handing out the cards don't participate in the spoils--they are just paid on a contract basis but there's "spies" making sure they aren't throwing away the cards or else they will be fired. But I digress.

Actually, Vegas is a whole digression in itself. Years ago, I had used the phone book to order some in-room entertainment. Frankly, I'm not into sex with prostitutes, but I've always been fascinated by strip clubs and thought what great fun to have the opportunity to ask any questions you wanted in the privacy of your own room without having to suffer the loud music, over priced drinks, huge bouncers, etc. But strip clubs are another story altogether.

Back to Crystal. You can describe her as cute, I suppose, but with that hooker-esque look to her--you know what I mean: you take a very cute under-20 girl and put on a few too many years of selling herself along with a few nasty johns that she runs into and the cynicism, distrust, and utter lack of faith in the world is all over her face...more later.

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