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rm_greatass41 57M/52F
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6/26/2006 4:43 pm
blogs and sex

we love to take showers shave each other . clean each other. watch out for each other.
were into this new stuff freind finders we heard so much about. we alawys wanted a 3b .were very secure about each other , would be nice to find a good friend there hard to come by. hope we find to ride a motorcycle . travel a lot. keys are nice but not in the summer to to help people and most of all love sex. love when he kisses my ass love it.we both like oral.he tells me i taste very sweet , he must mean it hes always there.greatass loves to suck and swallow when in the anal at times to . didnt before,nice to kiss and be held and lick we both like that. want to SHARE this with a nice lady, and treat you the same way. now wouldnt that be nice . we want to have fun .like spanking cuffs all that good stuff but not every day.we keep very busy going from place to place . doing differnt things.this is our first blog ever . hope you enjoyed reading it .... its all true.

itsall4you20053 56M/47F

8/4/2006 7:27 pm

Blog greatass41..Hello, and it sounds as if you two do enjoy yourselves and that's a good thing. We have found many people in here are not sincere! Although many seem to be very liberal with their wants and desires we find it hard to believe someone would turn this into a bizarre popularity contest! Whose idea was that? Does anyone besides us feel that this is just a little over the top? Can we get an a-men on this from anyone? LOL...

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