On my knees.  

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8/30/2005 11:14 pm

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On my knees.

Because I wasn't thinking straight, I realized that my Dad's birthday is tomorrow and I won't be able to get out of the house to visit my new friend. So it's been rescheduled for Friday.

Fuck I'm excited!

But as for today, I spent most of the day on my knees.


Did that conjur up naughty thoughts?


But seriously I DID spend most of the day on my knees. When I reached the picket line in front of the Len Werry building downtown, I didn't feel like wandering back and forth like a brainless zombie. So I went to a nearby dollar store and purchased sidewalk chalk. When I got back to the picket line I proceeded to scribe messages on the concrete using a thick white piece for the base, and following up with more colorful chalk to highlight the lettering. I wrote upside down, so that as scabs would leave the building they would see the words no matter what direction they went. It was a good way to kill a lot of hours, but of course my knees hurt like hell after a while.

I wrote things like 'You can - and will - be fined,' 'You deserve better. Walk the line,' 'While you're inside doing OUR jobs, we're out here PROTECTING YOURS,' 'If the future is so friendly, why are you hiding?' and 'How are the scabs feeling today? (insert picture of a sad smiley face here).'

There was a point when gloomy clouds were hanging overhead, and I was worried that rain would come and wash away my handiwork. Luckily it didn't rain. I look forward to doing it again next time I'm on the lines. The scabs actually stop to read them. I figure that if I can get them to stop, read them, and think about what they're doing then maybe they'll come back out and stay on the picket lines with us, where they belong. It's certainly easier to convince them to do so with sidewalk art than yelling 'SCAB!' and hurling various other insults at them.

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