What use are network friends?  

rm_got_milk4U 48M
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3/28/2006 11:05 pm
What use are network friends?

I had a collection of friends that had no interest in talking. I wanted to fuck all of them, and not one ever even contacted me; although, I sent a few emails that were ignored. I posted a few bulletins, tried contacting a few. Hell, none of them ever even looked at my blog. If I had known that was the way it would go, I wouldn't have bothered. I've had a lot better luck meeting friendlies in person, and I've pretty much lost faith in this site. If any COUPLES, SINGLE WOMEN OR Pre-op tranny want to contact me, I haven't deleted the membership yet. Single men, I'm sick of your bullshit. You're worse than me. If I wanted a gay hook up, I'd hit the nearest bookstore, rest area, hotel or dept store bathroom, or a hundred other places offering a hungry mouth. It's been fun, but I think I'm done. paz

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