Mainly Orpington really  

rm_gormless69 31M
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8/18/2006 3:05 pm
Mainly Orpington really

Ello, I'm new to these parts and I thought I'd say Hi and add my two cents.

From a mainly Orpington area I have noticed recently a lack of imagination in most peoples way of thinking. Things to do and places to go seem to scare people from round here when they involve a slight bit of adventure. I'm a fairly imaginative and easy going bloke and always like to do something different, however a general thought of activities both sexual and non seem to be lacking from my environment. I had the idea of building a '50 things to do before you're 30' list. A good way of me to get to know some like minded people on here is to make a general plead for any good ideas that could make the list. Any from personal experience or even off the top of your head. My sky diving is number one on the list. I need 49 more. Cheers

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