Time Fly's!!  

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8/3/2006 1:30 pm

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8/13/2006 5:26 am

Time Fly's!!

Wow time is just screaming by me. I log in today and checkthings out and realize it has been days since I have considered posting anything!
Fortuneatly for my banker business has been insane lately ( my accountant will love me this year). Of course this is not so good for my sex life as I have been way too busy to have the time or energy to even consider jerking off!!
Too many things at once and my brain is starting to flounder about some. I need a few days off but cannot afford to have things all thru the cracks with what is happening!
To my many friends that look forward to me here and elsewhere I am gonna owe all of you one. You keep in touch and do not give up... it will all finish up here before long.
Hope my balls don't explode! long time since they were emptied out now and wondering what the capacity is!! lol
Maybe I can get someone to visit my office and hide under my desk to release the load... lmao!
To my friend Kelli.. I hope you get well sweety many of us here are thinking of you in your recovery!
Wondering if all this hard work is worth it... I will be much more financially stable at the end.. if I can maintain my sanity thru it all.
Is the money worthit? I think so as then I can get myself into position to do more than work.. afford to take time away... spend time with friends.... relax even a little bit would be good.
Hunting season is coming soon.... great time to relax and get into inner peace mode... sit in the woods listening to the sounds and viewing the sites around me... time to breathe and think without interuption.....cannot wait!
What things do you all do to get into that peaceful time for yourself... the time that just lets you be with yourself... to sort your brain and enjoy what is today?

rm_barenaked869 46F

8/11/2006 11:48 pm

Hi sexy, Yeap in the same boat as you are aware of...HHmmmm, hide under ur desk...oh boy i'm so close to u, don't tempt me..lol
Yeap goin thru alot of batteries...hehehe
This year will be my first year alone durin our slow down season, & with my son's gone..I have no clue what to do! Haven't even thought of it.Your right, time fly's!!! Guess i can paint the inside of the house, rearrange some furniture, or go get a part time job???
There i go again, thinkin of work & money..lol I luv the outdoors, maybe do some fall campin, nah wouldn't be any fun doin that alone, my gosh, what am i gonna do!!!!
Hope to see ya soon babe, lots of huggzzzzzzz

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