Friendships that fall apart...  

rm_gorilla062 49M
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5/11/2006 10:34 am

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Friendships that fall apart...

This week has been a very emotional one. 2 friends that I have... that have known each other for a very long time recently got into a heateed arguement and are now no longer speaking to each other.
This happened at a the derby party Sat, and I have been in the middle of it all week long!
The worst thing is that it is over business more than anyting else... but it has a lot to do with loyalty. One not being loyal to the other specifically.
I really hate people that will tell you that you area friend and then lie or skirt an issue until it becomes obvious! If you are making a decision about something that would effect a relationship I would think honesty would be best policy.
Now I am stuck playing ref between these guys and I am not happy as I do not want to jeopordize relationships I have with either of them.
To one friend it seems like it is good that they are going sep. ways... both married with kids and one is always screwing around on his wife and when called on it he says he is doing nothing wrong! Lies to his wife too I guess. I hope his kids never see it.
Well enough about my dilemma... off to the rat race again!!

cookiequeen1000 53F

5/11/2006 12:40 pm

Friendships last as long as they last. You're not stuck, there's no dilema. You're a lazy friend. Step up to the plate. There's no dress rehersal for life. Your value as a friend is at stake here. You need to pick a side and not be so wishy washy. One has evidenced his true colors. Back your real friend...the one who tells the truth and who's word means something. If you're still not sure which one it is, then talk to their wives, their children. Time to demonstrate what your values really are.

rm_gorilla062 replies on 5/11/2006 12:57 pm:
Thanks cookie... it really helps put it in perspective

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