Been busy.....  

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7/7/2006 6:25 am

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Been busy.....

To all my fellow bloggers that have been watching me and expecting the next trip into my feeble little mind I apologize.
My daily workload has gotten almost out of control!
I do promise that soon you will get another look into my soul.... a view of my happiness, troubles and darkness of my pain... all in the name of entertainment and the peace I gain from spewing forth the bits and pieces of my mind and heart for all the world to see.
The Birthday is coming and with it comes another round oftorture for my heart and soul. The ache I will feel on that day rivals the one I had on fathers day. My mind racing with the toughts of if I did the right thig, how she has grown, does she understand, will she seek me out to get the answers to her questions.
Follow me thru this journey into my heart and soul and comment as you wish... I am strong and can take comments for both sides of it.
Thank you all for the visits... keep them coming...... in more ways than one

rm_barenaked869 46F

7/12/2006 9:10 pm

All types of holiday's/special days can be happy or emotional, just take a deep breath & be as happy as u can..Take the good with the bad, good things come to those who wait...she will know one day how much u have always cared & loved her & she will appreciate all of it.
Let me know if need help shopping..huggzzzzzzzz ~n~ kissezzzzzzz

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