Morning Sex  

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8/31/2005 6:52 am

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5/10/2006 6:54 pm

Morning Sex

There is really only one way to wake up and start the day off right... with some great morning sex. can anyone disagree?

I woke this morning to the feeling of my girl lightly stroking my dick. (This doesnt happen often, She must have been having a naughty dream also) I was asleep and thought I was dreaming about sex... but I was probable half awake and it was really happening. My eyes open to see this girl with a devilsih grin, smile and say "good, now you are awake" she then removes the covers and goes down on me. with one hand at the base of my cock pulling up and down, ant the other clawing my chest. I am in heaven. Her tongueswirls around adn her head bobs smoothly up and down as she sucks harder and harder. She is moaning now, and I think even more turned on than I am. I am still trying to wake up.

her other hand moves from my chest between her legs and starts rubbing her pussy. It doesnt take long and she is losing focus on my shaft by entertaining herslef. I am not at all unhappy about it. There is nothing sexier to me thatn a women who is freely enjoying herself. She pulls my cock out of her mouth, and continues to stroke. Looking up she says "are you ready to fuck me." of coursee, I oblige her.

She is already on her stomach, I swing around and position myself behind her, Not doggie style, just laying flat on the bad. My dick is covered n her saliva and and slides in easy to her already dripping mound. She lets out a deep groan and her body swallows every last inch of me as she continues to slide her fingers around her swollen clit.

In a matter of seconds we are ina slolid rythym of deep thrusts and I can feel her getting looser and wetter with every push. The sounds of sex fill the room, groaning, moaning, and the slapping of my pelvis against her ass. Ileanforward, grab her hair and kiss her deeply for the first time. Our tongues roll around together and she begins to cum, angain loosing focus on the sex. I continue to pound away during her gyrations and grow closer to my own orgasm. At the end of hers, mine begins and I release what feels like the biggest load ever inside of her. We both colapse on the bed...

How am I going to be able to get any work done today with that on my mind?

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