Most embarrassing moment  

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9/8/2006 4:13 pm

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Most embarrassing moment

I wonder if anyone has had a more funny and embarrassing moment than I have. My moment happened after getting completely rat-faced on a Saturday night and crashing out round on a mate's couch. I had a dream I did something and woke up on the Sunday thinking that my dream was really realistic. It was so realistic that I had to check what I had 'dreamt' I hadn't done. And, of course, to my horror, it wasn't a dream. My crime? I had got up in the middle of the night and pissed into the draw of my mate's side unit, covering all his letters and paperwork with my urine. I even rememeber in the 'dream' feeling it dripping on my foot. I was actually nearer to his downstairs bog than I was to the draw. And, no, I didn't admit to my deed. So, if you have a funnier one, please drop me a line.

Naughtynikki004 50F

1/20/2007 3:15 am

Well my funny embarrassement was to me funny but may be not to you.

I had met a guy of this site last year and he kept coming to mine and the sex was good. One day I had a flat tyre and had my suspicions that one of my neighbours had done it but thats another story.

As a helpless defenceless woman I rang my dad and asked him to do the tyre. He came over and jacked it up for me and left as my dad had a dental hospital and my mum went with him.

Well that afternoon the guy came round and we had sex. All of a sudden I had a knock at the door and I heard my mams voice shouting Nikki Nikki where are you can you open the door. I panicked and he calmly got up and started to get dressed and said to let them them in and just say I am a salesmen. I replied that my mam would suss that something was up.

With that she tried the key in the door to unlock it. I was panicking even more forgetting that I had put the bolts in on the safe side. He thought it was a real laugh as I was panicking more and more. The phone rang so I answered it saying that I was trying to get some sleep after revising so hard for my Accountancy Exams. Luckily she accepted this and they promptly left.

When I returned to the bedroom the guy just burst out laughing asked what was funny he said it was my face and me getting into a flap about my parents may be catching me in the act with him.

Needless to say I never saw him again after that.

Another embarrassing moment was when one night after going out drinking I wasn't feeling too good so I called into my parents house they are in their 70's promptly walked into their bedroom without knocking and saw them at it well my dad was. He was fucking my mum while she was reading the paper. What not to do when having fun.

Unfortunately they saw me and my dad went beatroot with embarrassement. Just normal having sex with your partner isn't it.

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