No Foreskin - Genital Mutilation  

rm_gonow44 56M
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6/27/2006 4:56 pm

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12/7/2007 5:14 am

No Foreskin - Genital Mutilation

The removal of the Foreskin. What on this planet makes someone remove the penis foreskin without the consent of the owner?

Many men, me included have had their foreskin cut off along with some of the shaft skin. All done in the name of circumcision.

Who actually benefits from this? Someone does. The Circumcisor! The photo shows what could have been yours if someone had not cut it off!! Artificial Foreskin - is this really the answer?

What are your views?

LitisHoldsDeeds 40M
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6/27/2006 6:01 pm

2 views on the subject
only a fraction of the worldwide population is circumcise (about 12/ht)
The only Countries where this is/was mandatory are U.S and Israel. In other -civilize- place is consider a surgical procedure -which is what it is. But them again the U.S is only counrty that uses the English system instead of metric and the only industrialize country that has Death Penalty. The list goes on and on. but let's just say that the U.S is "peculiar" and the rest of world (at less the industrialize countries) consider this society -how can I say it??- a bit barbaric because things like the ones I mentioned.

I the other view (I promised 2, right)

Recently a few studies had been published that show that circumcise men are less likely to acquire STD (including AIDS. Now you may actually say this is happy accident, since the main reason this was done was religios

heaveyd4 47M
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6/27/2006 6:04 pm

for godssake keep yours;I got cut as a infant .Its so dry and so desensitive that it take alot of lubercation even to feel good. women likes a uncut better It looks bigger and sexier Ive been told. Keep it pulled back and cleaned? sammy G. guest user

rm_Luscious2BBW 47F
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6/27/2006 6:25 pm

The few men I have come across who have not been circumsized do not seem to be as clean as those that are. Now I understand that its an extra step, but gentleman! Please! Take extra time to clean yourself. The one man that did was an extreme pleasure to me.

LilSquirt_4mfm 67M/67F
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6/27/2006 6:27 pm

hi gonaow

agree fully .. i like my men uncircumsized ... .wish the'yd just leave it alone in the 1st place.

artificial one ... hmmmmmmmmm ... gotta think on that one

♥§ΩuirT♥er & MFM Tail§

smoothnjuicy4u 50F

6/27/2006 8:15 pm

Hi Gonow
I have no clue never had an uncut one in my mouth well actually anywhere on or in me. But I have heard that it is hard to keep clean and smelling fresh.

rm_gonow44 56M

6/30/2006 10:36 am

Circumcision - I despise this awful procedure.

As a circumcised guy who had 80% of the intire penis skin removed along with my frenulum when I was a day old, I am horrified at how any decent Mother could wish that her son should have his penis mutilated for fashion.

Many circumcised men have lost more than just a piece of skin. Although I have had skin grafts to my penis, I still suffer from lack of sensation and very tight and uncomfortable erections where my scrotum is pulled up the shaft as the penis becomes erect. This condition is not uncommon and in most cases the victims just keep quiet about it.

From an operational point of view the skin on a penis which has not been circumcised, is mobile and protects the glans or head of the penis to keep it moist and sensitive. About one sixth of the worlds male population have been cut. From the female point of view, my research (from previous female relationships)shows that the foreskin is seen by women as an exciting and useful organ which gives pleasure to both.

As far as cleanliness is concerned: I have no understanding of what women complain about when they say that the circumcised man is cleaner. Surely we wash our vaginas, penises, teeth, armpits and asses before engaging in sexual activity? I have always showered beforehand and would never lower myself to being unhygenic and smelly. I like to feel that I can lick, suck and nibble my girlfriend absolutely anywhere, without compromise and vice versa.

So what am I saying: You have gotta be completely stark raving mad to mutilate your baby on the grounds that he will be cleaner. Besides circumcision is not an eact science: sometimes just 20% of total penis skin is cut off and in other cases the victim loses a lot more.

Any views from the ladies???? Thanks

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7/1/2006 6:56 pm

You posted on my blog about circumcision and the hypothesis that it could prevent aids... I know is all bogus, I honestly couldn't believe someone thought that could actually prevent the HIV virus (one of the tiniest most epidemic in the world) from being transmitted.

I have my foreskin and pretend on keeping it all my life but I still was curious about the so called advantages of circumcision and what men that had a chance of having sex before and after said about it

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