Oh, it's late and I can't sleep....  

rm_goldenmaia 46F
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12/27/2005 11:27 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Oh, it's late and I can't sleep....

Just one of those winter nights with the fog creeping in and no amount of laying in bed is going to make it all ease up. I'm sitting up in bed, thinking about my lover who's coming to see me tomorrow. Only have a picture so far, and a promiss that he's going to rock my world. Nothing more than that to get me by. I don't even know when he's going to be here. It's got my blood up and my skin tingling with the expectation that he'll be here and no one will know about it.

Secret lover. Secret sex-toy.

Going to wear my robe when he comes to the door, nothing on under it. I even thought about having my web cam going to film the whole thing for my AdultFriendFinder friends. No....no no, can't do that. Shouldn't do that.

No rest for tonight, feeling that liquid ache between my thighs, wanting something muscular and forceful between them. Craving the thick muscle of a cock shoving and pulsing between my folds. Only toys tonight.....husband asleep beside me....nameless sexy men on their cams jerking off....and a thick, cook dildo pushing into my cunt from my own fingers.....

Yes, tomorrow will be very good....very very good indeed!

rm_CDLdriver2 41M
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12/28/2005 12:09 am

...wow, I'm jealous. I wish I was as lucky as the guy you will be seeing tomorrow. I sure could go for a ride now!! My toungue aches to work it's way through the folds of a womans clit. Maybe sleep will chase away my desires. Have a happy new year.

naughtyandy4u 61M

12/28/2005 12:34 am

Hi, you are a very sexy looking woman and if you keep talking like that you will for sure have me jerking off, looking forward to hearing the rest of the story.

zoopc42 47M

12/28/2005 2:22 am

I can understand this anticiapation you have. I had a similar thing on monday but got stood up. suppose to happen today but I am less looking froward to it now as I got disappointed once.

however if it is anything like the previous sneak peek. I am going to be in heaven

and if she sticks around, it will be a great arrangement.

here's to great sex

rm_goldenmaia 46F
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12/29/2005 1:19 pm

Well--I just want to say that I hope that everyone is able to find someone to play with for this weekend!! I want to hear all the stories and adventures!

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