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Well, I tried to enter this into my profile but for some reason it wouldn't save so why not put it here since I spent all that time playing with writing it up. I may finish it at some point if there is an interst and/or request....


I really have a thing for hard core fantasies. , kidnapping and also extreme public sex. In one of my fantasies I'm laying in bed and I discover that someone has secretly gotten into the house and then into my bed and then....mmmm...

He's big and strong, easily overpowering me, his body already naked and he's pushing me down into the bed with his hard body. The smell of him is amazing, musky and hot and thick with his need. Against my thigh his cock grinds into my hip and the swollen red head of that fleshy crown brushes over my thigh as he rolls me onto my hands and knees. One big hand grasps both of my hands and I struggle, biting into the pillow but all of my struggles are nothing! He thrusts his knee between my thighs, forcing my legs apart and suddenly he is there beween my legs, my ass press against his loins and I can feel his cock pulsing with the beat of his heart.

In the next moment he's inside of me, his cock thruting in to sheath deeply into my sex, my pussy stretching around his tool as I fall forward, screaming in rage and a raw, animal need to be fucked this way. I dont see his face, just feel the powerful upward grind of his thrusts as he pounds into me, his free hand tangling into my hair! That's when I notict there's a second man in the room. A man even bigger than the first, huge and naked and crawling towards me on the bed. I have no more pillow to sink my teeth into...instead my mouth is forced around the thick cock that towers from his partner's groin. It's so thick and sweet as it plunges down my throat, stretching my mouth wide. My cries of pain and pleasure muffled as I choke down that salty flesh! Little pulses of pre-cum spurting out over my tongue as I suckle and slurp wetly around his meat.

Of course...there's much more to the fantasy but...I'll have to pick up another time.

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