Early mornings!  

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12/29/2005 7:56 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Early mornings!

Crawled into bed pretty early this moring to sleep. Stripped down naked, curled in all nice and warm to my snoozing hubby. Slept for a little while.

Then he got up for work and, as usual, he pulled me close and started to caress me. He discovered my naughty little secret, the shaved sweetness of my pussy.

Ah yes, I'd 'changed' something for my secret lover. Secre lover. Ha. I'd come clean with my husband last night about what happened--he could tell I was disapointed.

But I'd not told him about my shaved sex. Those searching fingers discovered it easily enough! I woke to him petting across my pink mound with one hand and the other pressing up against my full breasts. As I came to full wakefulness, his warm mouth nuzzled down and lips and then teeth grasped my nipples and--well, what girl can sleep to such a sweet assult?!!

Morning sex is so wonderful, and being 'claimed' by morning sex is even better. Rough and sweet. His fingers dipped into the slick heat of my sex, spreading back the lips, sliding through the flesh that had been covered by the curling veil and now....exposed me to him so easily. And as I moaned, the teeth tugged at my nipples, pressure turning the pleasure into a scalding pain down my body, deepening the sensation, twisting my moan into a cry.

I'll leave other details for....other times. Or, perhaps continue the story later......

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