Sexual Magic of Goddess Riki  

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Sexual Magic of Goddess Riki

Sexual Magic
Goddess Riki handle has sex magic and the way she uses it is in the power that contain
in her physical body, this is the power of raw, primordial desire.
She becomes aware of this part of herself, she listens to it, cultivate it and
She then is able to manipulate with it. Goddess Riki listens to her body and it's wisdom
that is thousands years old: the wisdom of her intuition.
Women are usually more successful in real magic compare to man because they have that ability to listen and be intuitive naturally stronger.
This is the Goddess real Love magic secret: she uses her body.

Goddess Riki handle uses the following are techniques to build sexual energy:
.Focused eye contact
.Synchronized deep breathing
.The "bliss" breath (described later)
.Touch, stroking
.Stalking one another
.Circling around holding hands
.Anointing one another with scented oils
.Teasing, retreat
.Dancing, pelvic thrusting
.Simulated sex
.Fantasy visualization

Goddess Riki handle avoids using anti sexual magic. Most have heard that alcohol, marihuana, cocaine, and other recreational drugs enhance sexual pleasure. The truth is that, at best, they inhibit sexual behaviours that are otherwise infused with anxiety, guilt, or conflict and, in the long run, all these drugs have serious negative effects on both sexual desire and sexual performance. Sexual pleasure starts with sexual self. So enhancing erotic pleasure means a commitment to the Goddess, a commitment to body, mind, and spirit.
Only when Goddess Riki handle feels playful, relaxed and open-minded, will she discover the incredible potential of her body and spirit for erotic pleasure. Her sexual partner must be in this zone too. She will not do anything under conditions of stress or coercion, Goddess has spend time exploring her own body to discover what sensations she enjoys under what conditions. Then, under conditions of mutuality and respect, discover what sensations her partner enjoys, and tells him about what pleases her or "turns her on."

When you have played with the Goddess you will experience the greatest blessings that life has to offer:

(This Statement applies to ANY GODDESS. All Women can become A Goddess)

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