Goddess Behaving Badly at a Straight Club  

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8/17/2005 8:38 am

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Goddess Behaving Badly at a Straight Club

Goddess Behaving Badly at a Straight Club

Last week I went to a straight club with some other swinging friends. I found it very hard to control my self and you know what I really did not want to controls myself and I really wanted to shock others.
I had a good laugh at how prudish I thought the other non swingers clubbers where, and found it amusing how they found simple “toilet humor” so funny. We as swinger do really find this type of humor so lame. It is always interesting to watch the childish little sexual games that prevail in the straight world.

We had most every one in the club wondering about us. We were constantly hugging and kissing each other and hands were wandering where they probably shouldn't have. We were having such entertainment being naughty and watching the looks on everyone’s faces and telling each other to behave; we're at a straight club. Watching other people's reactions is just as fun as doing what we where doing. It is amusing to watch the reactions of others when they see you switching partners and playing semi intimately: it all adds to the excitement of the evening

I never wear panties as I like the freedom it gives me to be so mischievous in public places and that waywardness did not let up at the club I had the girls and guys in our group trying to grope my pu*sy all-night. I did feel very confident and sexy that night and found myself chatting up every one, the young, the old, the good looking and not so good looking, girls and guys. I was on the dance fall shaking my big black as* and gyrating my groin at any fit specimen that passed. I was horny I wanted to get my swinging friends c*cks and t*ts out.

We all were flirting with each other, and talking somewhat loud about how they found each other sexy and gorgeous, and about how hot we were getting... needless to say, we saw a few people ear wigging. It was quite a turn-on for all of us, knowing people were eavesdropping, knowing what we were going to do with each other later, after they went home to their "archetypal" lives!

I must say the journey home was fun as we all could not wait to get back to one of the guys home to continue the fun.
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