"Swing," "Swinger," what do these words mean to you. Funny how words mean so many different things t  

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"Swing," "Swinger," what do these words mean to you. Funny how words mean so many different things t

"Swing," "Swinger," what do these words mean to you. Funny how words mean so many different things to so many different people. My dictionary
swinger Show phonetics
either a person who dresses in a fashionable way and who goes to lots of parties and nightclubs, or someone who is willing to have sex often with many different people

The word "swing" dates back to the 20's when the black community discovered a new form of music called Jazz and called it "Swinging Jazz." The reference described the form of dance where a man would literally "swing" his partner through a series of dance moves. Like the Charleston and the Lindy Hop were born, and so was the term "swing." Most conservatives couldn't believe it when they saw people shaking their hips and frolicking to this new underground sensual music.

Eventually, in the 30's and 40's, band leaders like Cab Callaway, Duke Ellington, Glen Miller and Count Basie brought in the big band era and "Swing was King."

The popularity of swing music faded after WWII until the late 50's when Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack redefined the word "swinger." The word's connotation reached beyond their music and started to represent their lifestyle. They were hip, fashionable, cool and sexy.

I want to put the swing back into swingers by having a music night with Jazz, R&B, soul, rear grooves. I want to include the origins of the first swing parties back into the sexy swingers’ parties that we have today.

We are creating a one off night call “Urban Blue” were ever effort is to put forth positive images of this "swinging lifestyle." Swingers are now more and more main stream with acceptance and tolerance for a sexual group that is steadily growing and we are being noticed. The terms "swing" and "swinger" have undergone many transformations in the last century and will continue to change over the next few years. My favorite dictionary definition defines "swinger" as: "A person who actively seeks excitement and moves with the latest trends." Now that is a term we can live with so lets Swing with a new music vibe added to a Gala night of sexy people.

I want the champagne to flow and the stylish and fashionable to don the venue. That also includes the guys. Sexy Swingers will only be let past the door. A few weeks ago I went to a party where there was fancy dress for the guys. So of them did make the effort and I was pleased to see it. There was Officers, Doctors, Gladiators, Superman, some did the fetish leather. They where all dress up until the competition was announced and over. After that they all changed and said that they was not bothered any more. I think that was wrong. The party girls always dress up and I am going to take this “Urban Blue” Opportunity to make sure that the guys put some effort in to the night too.

“Urban Blue” will be marketed to the new swingers as a softer option. We expect to have well defined area of social and playing area. The Social area will be very music orientated. I will up date you with location and date ASAP.

Any voluntaries for promotions work for this night should contact me

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