**** WHAT DO YOU CALL IT...EMAIL SEX?!! ****  

rm_glitz2006 40F
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9/9/2006 1:18 pm

This is my response to an email from a person I'm crazy attracted to! However, he does not IM so we do our fantasy love making in emails....

Enjoy your time reading......

My P*****,

You are driving me crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrazzzzy!!!

I started reading it, the first few sentences struck me like lightnig bolts! I could not even finish it....I had to do something with myself! My nipples were rock hard, it was aching in fact, to be touched....it was prominent and bulging through my flimsy nighty. I left the computer with your email on the screen and walked achingly to my bathroom....the kids were sleep so I had the freedom to explore myself as I imagine you were doing it! I lit some candles....(as I love candles) and dimmed the lights....your picture was still visible to my sight. I looked at myself in the mirror, I turned on the music....(I have a little CD player in the bathroom) and played our song..."Starry Starry Night!" I closed my eyes and tried to visualize you from behind hugging me. We were naked and slowly swaying together, in a slow dance with the song....it was very sensual! Then I tried to imagine you planting wet kisses on my neck....from behind as you manhood starting to grow and pulsate. I grab hold of my breasts and fondle them slowly stopping at the bumps in the middle....pinching it with my fingertips! Visualizing it was you who were doing it....I let out a soft moan.... "Oohhhhh P*****....." I imagining you responding to it and you hands running slowly down to my belly....my belly button....then my mound down there. Your hands caressed it, then sliding even more you found my wet hungry pussy slit. My head was thrown back with this emotions it brought me....it laid on your shoulder. I turned my head towards you and I found your wet mouth. I started to kiss you, your mouth grab hold of mine and we kissed tongue to tongue, you were hungry for my mouth! I was thirsty for yours! You grab hold of my right leg and raised it, resting it on the bathroom sink....I was wide open from the back....very wet and juicy! You lovingly and slowly guided my body...still your hands cupped on my breasts, bending me forward a little bit......as I grabbed my pulsating vibrator and put it in the opening of my pussy..... I was imagining your "p*****" was going to enter me.....hard, and pulsating with anticipation! I always have trouble with the insertion because I'm tight.....and it makes me a few seconds to finally get it inside without hurting me.....but your careful skills you managed to get inside me without pain at all.....you were inside me now! I moaned again, ....."Aaaahhhhhhhh, make love to me, P*****!" Then you pulled and pushed...and pulled again.....and push! with every push....my body swayed...my breasts swaying to the rythm. It became harder and faster.....my body was taking it! thrushing against it too.....then, I was almost there.....you said, "Not yet...baby, not yet!" You slowed down a little bit....letting me savour the thrushes you do....then, again with anticipation and passion you started thrushing harder....and faster! All I could do was moan.....calling your name, biting my lover lip! As passion gets wilder, so as my pussy got wetter and hungrier for yours! Then, as fast as it did....I whispered, "P*****.....I'm cumming!" I could hear you saying...." Cum, baby.....cummmmmm!" Then....like being hit by a lightning bolt....I came....I screamed....I moaned....I called your name!

After I did my little adventure....with you (in my imagination) I cleaned up and went to my computer and read the rest of your email.....which, at the end I felt the passion building up again....I had to take a COLD SHOWER! LOL!

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