My first double - Gay  

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3/30/2006 3:43 pm
My first double - Gay

I had had a bit of a dry spell for a while, partly because of work and partly just taking a break. I got a little bored and started cruising AdultFriendFinder for a while when I got an email from a gay couple. I checked out their photos and they were nice looking guys. They had good bodies and average packages and since I was bored I thought what the hell. I had never been with someone who was out right gay and these guys looked like fun.

I sent them an IM and chatted for a while before getting a location to meet. As I drove, the possibilities started to churn in my head. I mean these guys were full time gay and experienced in male pleasure. I decided that I would try something a little different. When I got to their place, B and N were relaxing together on the couch.

We had the obligatory drinks and chatted for a while kind of sizing up the situation. Now when I go for a meating, I like to wear workout shorts and no underwear, partly for comfort and partly for easy stripping. When I make a decision to get naked, I like to do it in seconds not minutes. As the drinks started to take effect, I started to get that warm flushed feeling in my cheeks. I was definitely getting happy and my baggy shorts could not hide the fact that I was getting a major hard on.

I think that B noticed it first. He was saying something and paused for a moment mid sentence with his eyes burning a hole in my crotch. I listened to him and started to slouch down in my chair a little knowing full well that B could now see up the leg of my shorts. B started to smile so I stood up and walked over toward the couch. In front of the couch was a five foot circular ottoman. I took a seat on it kind of in the middle of both of them and rested my hand on both of their knees. B said “you know those shorts really don’t hide much do they?” I kind of laughed and said I really wasn’t trying to hide any thing. I stood up and started to slowly push the shorts down. I stopped with them just below my ass because they were “hooked” on my now fully erect cock. I pushed them all the way down as I tensed my ass and kind of shook it for them. I guess they were liked what they saw.

B immediately stood up and pulled off my shirt. I could tell that these guys were now fully in charge. B started to caress my chest and shoulder. It made my heart start pounding. I was surprised to feel a little apprehensive about the way that he was touching me. I had had man on man experiences before but those guys were bi and it was a straight up sex thing. These guys were clearly attracted to me in a way that I was not used to.

While B was working on my front, N had come up behind me and started stripping off his clothes. Before I knew it he and I were naked with him caressing my back and ass. I unbuttoned B’s shirt and helped him pull the rest of his clothes off. Just like their internet pictures, the guys were well built and seemed to have average cocks. N was a little on the long side and average width. B was kind of thick and normal length. I remember thinking that they made a really good pair. I knelt down and started to caress B on the chest and worked my way down and around to his ass. It was very evident that these guys worked out because B’s ass was firm and smooth. B’s cock which had been hanging below his nuts started to work its way to attention.

I grabbed B’s firm ass with both hands and pulled him to me. His cock was already long enough to hit the back of my throat. I curled my tongue around the sides and worked him up and down the shaft. B let out a soft moan. I could feel that N had knelt down behind me still caressing my sides and waist and working around from my ass to my cock. When his fingers touched my cock it was like an electric shock went through my lower body.

N grabbed a bottle of lube that he had sitting by the couch and drizzled a little in his hand and then he squirted a generous shot right at the top of the crack of my ass. N massaged my ass with his freshly lubricated hands. I could feel the lube in my crack dripping down over my hole and down my balls. The combination of his massage and the gentle tickle of the dipping lube really turned me on.

I continued to work B’s cock as he knelt down in front of me. I looked up to see his smiling face as N bent over me to kiss him. They had a long and passionate kiss that again made me realize just how different this experience was. From this position, I began to pull B deeper and deeper into my throat. His thick cock is a little troublesome to get down because he would flex when I got near the end it would make him significantly thicker. I continued to work him back and forth, grabbing his ass with my free hand.

N is started to push around my ass with the tip of his cock. With all the sex and the smell of lube, my ass is twitching with anticipation. I can feel him pushing to get in. Watching me blow his boyfriend really seems to turn N on. He is really impatient and pushing a little faster than I am used to. It really hurt a little more than I expected since N is not that thick. But, he is just going so fast that I can’t get used to him. I have to pull off of B to grit my teeth and grunt just a little. This seems to turn him on more and makes N push even more until I can feel him going in. He is almost half way in before I can take a breath. B grabs my hair and rubs my head for a minute then pulls my face back to his cock.

N is all the way in now and kind of grinding against my ass. I can feel him deep in my ass. It turns out that he is a little longer than I thought. I can feel him pushing up against my bowls. I grimace a little with B still in my mouth. B blows a kiss to N and they both start to move back and forth pulling back and pushing forward in time. I may be the filling of the sandwich but they are definitely bringing the meat. I am used to N now and really starting to enjoy him in my ass. I can taste the precum from B as he is really working my mouth and throat. I have done deep throat a lot but this is what I would really call being throat fucked as he thrusted back and forth with the same force that N was putting on my ass.

Suddenly, B stood up and walked over to N. He kissed him and said lets switch. N smiled and moved around to the front. N gave me a wet rag that had been by the couch and I started to clean him off, when B started to push into me. B was thicker than N and even though I had gotten used to N he still pinched pretty good when he made his first thrust. N pulled me right back into his crotch. I could taste the remnants of sex still on his cock and the smell, for some reason, turned me on even more. N was easier to deep throat than B and in just a couple of thrusts they were right back in the same rhythm with N going even deeper in my throat and B stretching me more and more.

N moved over until he was able to sit on the ottoman. This made it a little easier for me to work his cock and touch his ass with my fingers. I could tell that this really turned him on. N grabbed me by the shoulders and had me stand up. He turned me around and pulled me down so that I was sitting on his cock in his lap. I could see B’s raging hard on now and reached out to touch it. I could feel it pulsing in my hand, hot wet and slippery. B knelt down between N and my legs and started to lick me. His tongue was so hot and wet and electric it sent shudders up my spine. He was so good a keeping me just on the edge of cumming.

N sat up a little and reached around to grab B’s head and push it up and down on my cock. Then he lay back as I started to pull my ass up and down on his cock. Because of the way that I was sitting, every time I pulled up it clenched my ass so he felt every stroke and it stretched my ass a little more. Then something unexpected happened. B made me stop thrusting on N and kind of pushed me back. N wrapped his arms around me and then stretched out my arms and held my hands so that I was spread eagled on top of him as B picked up my legs but keeping N’s cock still deep inside me. I realized what was happening and it made my heart skip a beat. I told them I had never done a double before and I really didn’t know if I could take it. B calmed me and assured me that they would go slow. I don’t know what persuaded me really, his gentle assurances or the way that he kept stroking my cock. I took a deep breath and told him to go ahead slow.

I leaned back as B pulled my legs into the air and started to push against my ass. He started rocking back and forth with his cock pushed against N’s in my ass. At first I really liked it. The newness of it and B gently stroking me in time with his thrusts made my head start to swirl. B started pushing harder and harder until suddenly it really hurt. I let out a wimper and B pulled back. He said that he made it in for just a second and that the worst was over. He kept stroking me and went back to work. He started with the same rocking back and forth then the same firm push forward and suddenly he was in.

It hurt so bad I thought that he would really split me open but then with just a couple of gentle strokes I the pain began to subside and I got really turned on. My head was rocking back and forth uncontrollably as I realized that I now had two cocks in me! B started to pump a little harder now and even though he was still going slow the effect was dramatic. I could here N start to breath faster as B’s cock was rubbing both N and me. With every stroke, B was stroking my cock and using it to pull himself deep into me. My eyes were spinning and I was breathing like I was running a marathon. Every stroke of B’s cock was ramming hard against my g-spot. Every time I thought that I was getting used to it, B would push me a little harder stretching me more and more as his cock on top pulled against N’s cock on bottom.

I could feel N tense up and I new that he was near the edge. His arms pulled tight around me and I could feel a warmth spreading through my ass as he said yesssss yessss as his orgasm took him over. B was pushing harder and harder and I reached down and ran my fingers down from his chest to my crotch and then up my legs to my knees. I was at the edge. My toes curled and suddenly a jet of my own cum shot out and hit me right in the face. B smiled and let out one more final thrust that buried his entire thick shaft deep inside of me.

Again I cold feel the warm cum spreading in my ass then running down and dripping off the crack. B was leaning into me with his eyes closed and as his breath started to slow. I could still feel the two cocks in my as even though they were starting to soften. Both B and N were caressing me as I enjoyed the soft warm feeling in my ass.

We finally got up and got cleaned up. We had another drink or two before I went home. I am not sure when I will be ready for this again, but it sure was an evening to remember.

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