A two fer  

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1/5/2006 6:48 pm

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A two fer

A couple of days later, I catch myself day dreaming about my last encounter with J. I can't really focus on work and for some reason, my hand keeps wandering down to my cock. As I am slowly stroking my cock through my pants, the phone suddenly rings. I answer the phone. It is j! I am instantly rock hard. We talk for a minute about nothing in particular. J is talking about something happening at his house. I am only half paying attention cause I keep remembering the last time I was with him. His cock was either deep in my throat or about to split my ass wide open. Anyway, J says "so, can you come over?" I almost forgot to say "be right there" before I hung up.

Excited, I headed right over. On the way I can barely keep my hands off my self. My cock is throbbing in my jeans. I couldn't help but to keep on softly stroking in deep anticipation. I walk into J's place and am surprised to see that has company. I am a little bummed. I really wanted to pounce as soon as I got there. I realize that I will have to wait a little longer to taste that sweet cock. I stay cool and just walk in like nothing is wrong.

After a brief introduction, J excuses himself into the next room for a moment. His friend, K, and I chat. After a while I notice that K has a raging hard on that he is not even trying to hide. Suddenly, I start to put two and two together. J had mentioned something about a surprise and this guy must be it. The guy is being coy about it, but the raging hard on in his pants tells the tale.

So the guy is just making small talk, but at the same time checking me out. I move over next to him. I look like a I am hanging on his every word. He takes a sip of a drink that he has been holding and I take the opportunity to bump his arm. Of course he spills a little of his drink. I apologize and help him dry his pants a little. Soon he notices that I am patting his cock more than I am the spill.

He smiles and says "surprise". I say "no here is the surprise." I kneel down in front of him and slowly unzip his fly. His cock pops right out. He is even bigger than I thought. A little longer than J and just as thick. I start licking his shaft. K scoots his butt to the edge of the seat closes his eyes and starts to moan softly. I love this position because I can see the expression on his face.

I get up on my knees and start to really work the head and middle of K's cock, when J comes strolling into the room. For a moment he doesn't say anything. K is sitting back with an enormous grin on his face. I start to slow down and K grabs the back of my head and starts guiding me up and down faster. He and J are looking at each other smiling when he asks J "are you going to stand there, or are you going to join us?" Grinning, J immediately strips and moves in behind me. He reaches around my waist and slides his hands into my shorts. His fingers gently glide over my cock. Then J unbuttons my shorts and slides them down to my knees. My cock is throbbing and my ass is twitching. I know what is coming. J comes in at a thick 7.5". I love to have him in my ass but his thickness always takes my breath away at first.

K is still guiding me back and forth occasionally pulling in so far that I am deep throating his long cock. I stick out my tongue on one of the strokes and it touches K's balls. In disbelief, he pulls me in again and again. Then I catch my breath and push all the way down. His cock is so big it is hard to keep all of him in but I push in until my tongue can easily reach his balls. I pull his balls toward me and start licking. K moans with pleasure and lets out a big "OHHH Yeahhh."

I pull back to catch my breath for a second when I feel J's hands caressing my ass. I take a breath and shudder. J slides his cock up and down my ass. I feel him glide back and forth across my hole. Each time makes me gasp a little. J is teasing me. He knows I want him but he knows that I have to work up to his thick cock. As J runs his cock across my hole once more, I push back just a little. I feel a sharp pinch as my ass resists his entry. J knows that he has hit the spot. I pull forward to take K's cock back into my mouth. I am working it while J gently rocks back and forth just applying pressure to my hole.

I am in heaven. I can taste little squirts of pre-cum in my mouth from K and J is massaging my ass with his cock. I go in to deep throat K once more and get him almost all the way in when I choke just a little. I pull back to catch my breath just as J is making a forward thrust. I am totally not ready for his thick meat but before I know it he is half way in. I gasp. I think that J will split me open. For a second, I want to pull J out. It is like there is a fire in my ass. Instead, I bury K's cock back in my throat. Sucking K's meat makes me forget about the pain.

Without pulling out, J follows me forward as I take all of K. I feel him swelling even more in my ass and suddenly I want all of him. I push back to take a little more. J feels me ready for him and slams all the way forward filling me up and more. My eyes are spinning as J keeps pumping back and forth. I am sucking K for all that I am worth. With J pumping against my ass and K rocking back and forth, K is fucking my throat almost as hard as J is fucking my ass. Every few strokes I manage to take a breath then dive back onto K's cock. K smiles and tells J to ride that ass. With a big smile, J slaps me across the ass and keeps on pumping. The slap makes me clench and now I can really feel J in my ass.

I can tell that K is near the edge so I reach behind his balls and start pushing on his ass hole in time with my strokes. I feel his cock swelling even more in my mouth then suddenly my mouth is over flowing with hot sweet cum. I ram him to the back of my throat and stroke his balls. His pulsing cock is pumping cum down my throat. J smacks my ass once more and tells me not to spill a drop. I happily oblige, sucking until K falls back on to the bed.

J pulls out and has me roll over on my back. He knows that I LOOOOVe this position. He grabs my legs and pushes them over his shoulders. When J rams back into me I can feel him hitting my G spot with every other stroke. I can hardly catch my breath when J starts to tense up. He reaches down and grabs my rock hard cock and uses it like a handle to pull himself in harder. Suddenly, I can't take it any more and cum starts to shoot all over my chest. I rub the hot sticky goo all over me and onto J and he makes one final slam into my ass. I can feel the hot cum filling my eager ass. As my ass twitches, it milks the last precious drops of cum from J. I feel him relax and final lay down to rest.

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2/27/2006 12:35 pm

Very hot story. Had me rock hard!!!!!

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