Affair with a police woman (part 2)  

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10/25/2005 1:13 am

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Affair with a police woman (part 2)

THe next day i received a phone call on my cell phone, it was her. She told me how wonderful was that experience. She told me she was a police sergeant and that she was calling from her office. I work in an office too cos im a lawyer. she sounded hot on the phone. The argument went automatically about sex and we were having sex on the phone, i just couldnt help touching myself while she was moaning on the phone. At one time a colleague of mine stormed in my office ,she happened to be one i had some sparks with in the past,she seemed really disturbed when she saw me in that position. She went out blushed. THen i said to the policewoman that i couldnt resist anymore i had to meet her immediately.She gave me the locality of her police station and i rushed there immediately.At the reception desk i told them that i had an appointment with the sergeant. They made me hundred questions but i knew it so i prepared a good story.They sent me up three floors and then on the left.When i went up i saw this door ,there was her name written on it , i knocked and the voice i was eager to hear answered "come in please". I went in said hello she told me to close and lock the door.She was sitting on her chair behind her desk she was unbuttoning her shirt. I went to her desk , kneeled from underneath and put my head into her skirt as i went down on her i noticed she had no panties and she was shaved. Thats how i like you baby. i went bulls eye to her and began a routine that made her come in a few minutes.That made me confirm that she hadnt a good sex experience in years. She told me that it must be a quickie so i loosened her skirt , took out my cock from my flies and gave it to her from behind. She was still wearing only her unbuttoned police shirt. That was one of the best views i had in years. She told me to talk dirty while i fucked her. . She was liking it and replied "yes im youre slut , give it to me, fuck me hard" I fingered her ass to see if she liked it or not, she was moaning more so i immediately stuck it in her ass. I love butt fucking and she seemed to like it too. I continued anal till i came in her ass . Audrey told me it was wonderful.I agrred. Then she said "get the fuck out of here i`ve got work to do........

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5/4/2006 9:16 am

Audrey - blond - sergeant !!! bullshitter

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