Pettiecoats and Pectorals - pt:6 - the worms turned !  

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Pettiecoats and Pectorals - pt:6 - the worms turned !

It was when I got a job in London that I really started to explore my sexuality. London is a hot bed of secret pubs, clubs, ally ways, parks and toilets that are host to an underworld that were both scary and exciting. My sexuality was still very much repressed and my bedroom was the only place where I really expressed my inner dreams and fantacies. Almost every night I would have a hand up my skirt, down my panties, inside my bra, touching the places I wanted to be touched. I would caress and finger myself until I came, often 2 or 3 times a night. I often woke up wet between the legs, wanting more and more to be lying next to a man. My daytimes were spent imagining what it would be like to have a man unzip my jeans and put his hand deep into my pants, touching me while I touched him. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it.

I started to hang around gay areas, bars and in toilets and found soon that I was attracting some nice looks. I felt nervous, but excited and would enjoy the attention I was getting. Soon I made the male toilets in the station a regular stop over on my way home. Standing at the cubicles I would watch as men came and went, waiting for the obvious looks and advances from some. I could tell the ones who wanted to look at me more and would play up to it, smiling cheakily back, or rlicking my lips. Soon I worked out the best times to go, when the toilet was quiter, no straight males, just a steady stream of interested men. At first i would shy away from contact, but soon my curiousity took over and I wanted to be touched and to touch.

The first time it happend I had been watching one guy, much older than me (about 45-50) in a suit. He looked nice and was smiling at me. I smiled back and then looked down at his crutch. What he was holding was quite purt but needed more manual help. He moved closer and looked at mine, reaching his hand over to touch it. As soon as I let him I felt released. All the time I had wanted this I was scared. Now it came, I looked at him and he put his hand on mine teasing it over to his crutch. I touched him !"


He felt big and warm in my hand. As i moved my hand up and down him he flinched and started to grow more. I could feel my heart racing and my penis growing harder under his grasp. i started to move my hand up and down his penis, working it like i had worked mine so many times. My eyes were now transfixed on him and he looked straight back. There was no feels of romance or love, just raw lust. I wanted this to never end. I moved closer to him os I could get more of a feel, I looked down at his now huge penis and moved my hand onto its tip gentley stroking it. He flinched and moved his hand under my now almost brusting penis. His finger moved deeper into my jeans and he discoverd my knickers. He looked down and was now very interested in the lace trim he could see riding up over the top of myt jeans. I now lost what i was doing and faced him as he ran his hands round my sides, down my jeans and onto my bottocks.


I could feel my heart jump as I came almost straight away. His touch pulsating an eletric charge through me that I had never felt before. I now was aware of the situation again, a toilet, a man and me. I was scared and alone and felt very much ashamed again. So much so that i could not look at him. I just tucked myself away and walked out. not looking back, trying not to think about what happends.

Regrects, I've had a few, but this was a siuck feeling that would not go way for days.

to be continued !!!

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