Pettiecoats and Pectorals - pt:6 - opps, there goes a hand, into my panties.  

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7/25/2006 11:23 am

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Pettiecoats and Pectorals - pt:6 - opps, there goes a hand, into my panties.

I remember vividly the night when I first set about touching another man. I walked the long walk from my house to the local car park. I was living away from home I had spent the afternoon dressing up in my room. I had a few sets of sexy petticoats, bra and panties, all in lace and silk. I enjoyed being by myself, trying sexy underware on, while listening to music, smoking a joint and playing around on my bed. I would enjoy the feel of silk on my legs, as I ran my hands up and down my thighs, caressing myself between the legs. I would sometimes get really excited and would finger and play with my ass. Gentley rocking on my fingers, I would fuck myself, sometimes coming almost stright away.

I had been playing with myself now for hours, enjoying the freedom of having a quite place to enjoy my clothes and body. I was feeling really horny so I decided to go out, for no reason, just go out and have a stroll. I sliped out of my petticoat and put on jeans and jumper, over my lace undies and bra.

Walking out into the night was refreshing and I loved walking about, feeling the gentle touch of my panties on my bottom and the straps of my bra slipping down my arm. I felt horny and loose, like a girl out for a good time. I walked down to town and passed a local car park, with public loos in.

I had been here before.

A couple of days earlier I had walked back from the pub. It was a Sunday afternoon and the gents toilets were open. So I quickly poped in for a wee, expecting no-one to be around. Much to my supprise the toilets were full of men, all of who watched me, checking me out the whole way to the urinal. I stood therre tentitively waiting to go to the toilet, feeling their gaze go down my front to my crutch. I felt afraid and excited, fear took over, I walked out (quickly), went home (quickly) and mastabated (furiously).

So passing it a couple of days later I was now really horny, wanting some attention, wearing sexy undies and wanting to play.

I went in.

Again the men were there, again the looked at me as I walked in, don't forget, I was still only in my mid twenties, slim, clean shaven and very young looking (I was still asked my age by bouncers at over 18y/o clubs and pubs). This time I didn't run, i looked back. There were men at the urinals touching themselfs and ech other, all lokking at me, undressing me. I turned and went over to the sinks, wasking my hands and bending over, letting my jeans slide slightly down, exposing the lacy knickers underneth. a man walked behind me and touched my bottom. I flinched and moved over to walk to the cubicals, stopping on my way to gaze at the men at the urinals. Two moved slightly further apart, inviting me in to watch. I stepped up, almost in a dream, automatically thinking I must do this, I must be brave. I stood between them and undid my jeans, revaling the front of my knickers, aching gently around the bottom of my tummy. I looked down, seeing alot of very erect willies ! My heart was racing, my hands trembling and my penis elevating ! I felt scared but so excited and I watched in amasment as each man looked at me and one started to move closer. I was now paralyzed with fear, routed to the spot and unable to think clearly. His hand moved to my jeans and touched my front. He moved closer. His hand moved further into my jeans and mover my knickers, I stood there wanting to run, but wanting more. His hand moved down my knickers and then started to stroke me. I pulled back, but he grapped hold of my jeans and pulled me back towards him, this time putting his hand down my knickers. I sighed, letting out years of frustration and pent up sexuality. My knees wanted to buckle and I wanted to scream out load, I felt free. He simled at me as my eyes locked onto his face with the intensity of a teenage girl knowing she is about to lose her virginity. His hand moved down inside my knickers and he touched me. I so wanted this. He touched me again and moved his fingers through my pubic hair. It felt amasing to have a man touching me and so many other men watching.

I looked up

So many others watching, I realised that I was now the centre of attention, I didn't like it. I pulled back again, this time stepping away with some force. I turned and walked out quickly, not looking back, zipping myself up as I went. I must have reached the safty of home in record time and went stright to my room.

That night I cried, why did I do that ? what was wrong with me ? Did I really like men as well as girls or just men ? It was all so confusing, I cried because I was scared and ashamed, but I also cried because I looked back at what had happed and I liked it !

ooops there goes a hand into my panties !


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8/8/2006 7:50 am

thanks amber, loveed yours as well. Where do u get all those pics from ?

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