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i break the ice by telling a story. enjoy!
there she was standing out in the rain soaked to the bone she had no where to go couldn't hail a taxi to save her life
and then he appeared and stepped next to gabriell with his unbrella over her head thank you she said i'm max he said would you like to come and dry off i've got a place not to far from here
or i can call you a taxi.. no no she said i don't want to be an burden. it's no problem i live alone and my apartment is big with a fire place
a fire place? she thought a minute fire place warm then she looked at him and said thank you very much max i would like to go with you but just to get warm.
as they walked on a big bus drove by them while they were walking on the side walk in new york and splashed them with a mighty amount of water now both soaked
she was in a long white dress and he in a tux. as they got to max's appartment gabriell started to shiver a little and max knew he had to get her warm.
so they get to his apartment and it is everything he said it was and she had trust just a little bit of trust for him now. so he dissapeared for minute and brough out a bathrobe and a hot steamy cup of coca spiked with a little bit of kaluah
and she goes in the bathroom and takes her cloths off and puts the robe on. instantly she gets a little warmer
so she hangs the dress on the shower curtain rod and walked out as she walked out so did max in a bathrobe also.
as she approached the fire he asked if he could get her anything . no gabriell said i'm fine. then max saw she was still shivering just a little bit so he brought over a blanket and put it over her and himself at the same time
and wrapped in the blanket and bathrobe'sin front of a crackling fire he started to ask her questions like her medical condition's if she had any... things like that. then the inquisistion was done and
she kissed him long and full service tounge action. and he was kissing back their tounges doing a special dance trying to taste as much of the other as they can.
and then they break for air and max say's you know one on one body contact is what warms people up the fastest. as he disrobed so did she and max really excited
about what was going to happen started to caress her ass as they went back to makeing out and gabriell practically giving him a hand job then they break so they could both adjust themself and max took that apportunity to go south as he started licking and kissing his way down her body down all the way to the reaal sweets
and he started going to town and grabriell was screaming and moaning and grabbing and caressing his head as it bobbed all around and finally she cum's hard screaming YES!!!! and then she gets up and ran to the kitchen to the fridge and was taking things out like whip creme chocolet syrup and sprinkles
as max chased gabriell around the counter in the kitchen he finally caught her and drizzled chocolet syrup all over her velumptuose tit's then proceeded to lick it off with his tounge gently then she took off across the room and ran out to the couch.
gabriell jumped on the couch paaaused for a minute then dove behind the couch and max ran after but when he got to the couch she wasn't there but there was a note that said sit down and hang on. so he did and from behind she attacked him with the whip cream and she ran around the front of the couch and she started to go down on him and as she got closer to his hard rock hard member and went to town pleasureing him up down he just sat back and enjoyed and max started to moan and he said i'm going to cum!!!!!!!!! and she took her mouth away from his dick and did a very low but audible hum and the vibration from her lips made him cum as hard as she did then she got up and strattled him as she licked the whip cream from around his neck her pussy hovering over his begging for attention cock.
as she started to guide maxes cock into her hole max again attacked her breast with his tounge his hands running up and down her back as she starts to ride him swaying back and fourth rocking and moaning as max was thrusting up into her ....holding on to her hips trying to get as far into her as possible she starts to wimper oh yes faster yeah...the she screams i'm comming!!!!! oh god yes! .. and then she starts to cum as does max and then they cum toghether then they trade positions and max has gabriell lay back and so she does and he starts in slow and gabriell said please don't hurt me and max promised not to hurt her so he was sliding his cock into her and got half way there and he couldn't help it he just burried it into her and she started to scream FASTER!!!!!!!!!!! harder and everytime maxx slowed down she would scream moree ! so finally max getting close to another cum screamed back at her your so beautiful i'm going to cum as again he went to pull out and she held him in and he shot off deep into her her pussssy iinvolutarily contracting around his throbbing cock hightening both their orgasm's and max kisses grabriell telling her how much fun he had and then they wait a while then they cuddle on the couch in front of the fire place and max fall's asleep with his head resting on gabriell's breast.

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Hello what a story writer!! god i cant wait to read some more of your amazing work gets me going i can tell you thanks mikkie215

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