Who are you Pat ?  

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Who are you Pat ?

I recently had a very interesting discussion with my alter ego about gay gender.In 1948, Alfred Kinsey, a professor of antomology and zoology, published a study on human sexual behaviour.The study reports that one out of ten people are engaged in homosexual behaviour at any given time.

Though gay is a synonym for happy, it is also commonly used to described homosexuals.To put it in simple terms, the word gay is used to describe men sexual orientation and gender identification fall under one.Have you ever thought that why gay people are gay ?Scientists say that when you are happy, you got endorphins run through your neuro system.

These endorphins help decrease stress - related hormones.But of course, everything cannot be explain using science.To me, gayness is either unnatural, or a form of disease There are legislations that prohibit homosexual acts such as sodomy in most countries.

They are the guys who dressed like men, spits and scratches their armpits in public like the average guy but still want to get married to a guy !! "Hell." Like it or not, I am still in the dark terms of awareness in gaysim . It's just too awful watching people struggle their fears of coming out from their closets. What makes it worse is I'm a Christian catholic and still kinda think that a "real man" should be a "real man" because God didn't create people to be Gay .

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