Watch how a duckling swim !!  

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6/29/2006 7:20 am

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Watch how a duckling swim !!

Not all important and relevant things are taught in schools and universities.Much meaningful wisdom has to be sought elsewhere.It's like watching a duckling how to swim!

Not all trained teachers can teach everything well.Many things cannot be effectively taught in classrooms.Many important lesson in life which should be in the core curriculum of schools or universities are ormitted.Some of the most significant things which should be in the knowledge domain which are not taught well are about truth and ethics.Even parents and "the best of leaders" in all fields may place self-interests above community interest.

The altruistic virtue, which is one of the noblest ideals enshrined in religious texts and philosophies, may be one of the most important principles which is neglected, and even forgotten, today.Typically, learners are not taught how to be seekers of knowledge.In formal education, learners do not learn to smile or develope wit and humor.Instead, they are "programmed" to respect and be subservient to power.There is only respect for people of power than people of knowledge.

The individual therefore has to set his or her own standards, often, above society's standards.Society's standards for success and happiness are often confusing and conflicting.Whether such people are happy or otherwise is a different matter.Education, as it is taught, does not allow for nourishment of the mind but focuses on moving along academic achievements and regulation of behaviors in life.Somehow, in formal and informal learning, people are not taught to love others!!

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