Time Warp  

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7/6/2006 5:43 am

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Time Warp

Almost every day, I play a game with myself that I called "time warp." I made it up in response to my consistent, erroneous belief that what I was all worked up about was really important !

I feel a bit weird because everytime I'm using plain english in my writings, I was being criticized ! Honestly, sometimes I just don't feel like I want to write or blog at all at any particular day but I forced myself. Usually, it took me two to three days to "puzzle" even for a short paragraph for an 'eye opener'(anything you might describe it) and I NEVER get any help from anyone ! Come on fellas ! Is there any writing competition going on here ?! The latter post is just another story!

To play "time warp," all I have to do is imagine that whatever circumstance I"m dealing with isn't happening right now but a year from now. Then simply ask myself, "Is this situation really as important as I'm making it out to be ?" Once in a great while, it may be but, a vast majority of the time, it simply isn't. Whether it be an argument with my friend, or boss, a mistake, a lost opportunity, a lost wallet, a love-related rejection, chances are, a year from now I aren't going to care.

It will be one more irrelevant details in my life. While this simple game won't solve all my problems, it can give me an enormous amount of needed perspective. I find myself laughing at things that I used to take far too seriously. Now, rather than using up my energy feeling angry and over-whelmed, I can use it instead on spending time with my collegue or engaging in creative thinking.

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