The Valley of Death  

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8/15/2006 7:55 am

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The Valley of Death

Do not expect something inspiring or humorous on this post as I can't even think of anything such as that to write as for now.

I can write a courteous letter to my neighbor whose dog annoys me by barking at night while I was sleeping.And it's bark were far worse than it's bite!I also can write here by telling everyone that I 've got twelve inches cork, but in actual fact, it's only six inches in length.And don't even bother asking me what's the girth size is as I can't measure them right now for you.One's needs a proper or a standard tools such as a micro meter, a calliper or even a rusty measuring tape to do that.I can also write down a silly conversation with my own brain about someone's stinking ass.So, what triggered me to write a post today? Is it my birthday? Again, it's not!I've browsed today and something distracted my attention on some of yersterday's posts about fake profile on that "stupid list".

Did I missed the train? I think not! Are they really fake? Or is there really something fishy behind all this by revealing them to the entire blogland/blogville community? Do I care? Well, I don't know them and needless to say the person who spread all the rumors around by telling everyone. I only viewed their posts once since they were on that list and sortly after that I keep myself away from their blogs as they wrote tons of bullshit and crap which didn't inspired me at all. What are the true meanings to all this? Never mind, I can guess it by myself.Jealousy, envy, grudge and malice are the main reasons to all this. And talk about people who spread the rumors, do they really think that they really deserves it there? On that "stupid list"? It is now obvious to me that people will do whatever it takes to be on that list by fucking on each other's stinking ass's. Ask me, who really deserves it there and I probably knew the answers.As for me, I like it the way I am right now.No pressure!!!!

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