Singlish anyone ?  

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6/3/2006 11:01 pm

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Singlish anyone ?

Strange word huh ? So, what the hell is Singlish ? Singlish is the term for Singapore Colloquial English .The language which are widely spoken among Singaporeans and Malaysians .Foreigners, visitors or tourists who wants to travel to Malaysia or Singapore should better learn this language.Who knows, maybe it might help if you get lost or asking for directions.Even my aussie colleague now speaks fluent Singlish.Here are just some of the most common spoke Singlish.

"Aiyaa !! You talk, talk, talk but I no understand."

"Damnit !! You keep on talking but yet I still don't understand."

"Solylah Ah Mah, I dono mah . That's why I ask."

"I'm so sorry, Aunt. I just don't know and that's why I'm asking."

"The little led liding hoot vely scared one.She scleam vely loud."

"The little red riding hood is very scared and she scream very loud."

"You blur like sotong, how come meh ?"

"Why do you blur like a squid ?"

"You want apply for hage - dee - bee flat or not kah ?"

"Are you going to apply for the HDB flat or not ?"

"Tell him aleady lor, but he still not understand what ?"

"I've told him already yet he didn't understand not even a single word."

"Ya kah ?How come no one tell me mah ?"

"Is it true ?Then how come no ones ever tell me ?"

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