Sign of power.  

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Sign of power.

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Money gripes aren't really about enough Money; they are about the meaning of Money. In fact, the role of Money as actual currency seems relatively trivial.

For some, Money is a sign of power; for others, a measure of independence.Security, success, sexuality, selfishness, competition, ambition are all written on the face of dollar bills.Women complaint of hoarding boyfriends and splurging spouses, of men who splash cash around or stash it away, of men who use Money to manipulate others, elevate themselves, attract or secure obscurity.

Whether it symbolizes their ideals or illusions, their dreads or their dreams, Money speaks volumes. Most women see it as a mirror that, in a material way, reflects the intangible, unalterable stufff of which their relationships-or at least their men-are made. My female colleague sigh that she might as well accept her boyfriend as who he is, although the only chance he's likely to make is for a five.

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