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Guardian Angel

A few months after my graduation, I used to worked as a substitute teacher.My daily assingnment was to teached social - skills classes and girls physical education.

In my social - skills classes, I noticed that some of the students felt hopelessly trapped in their circumstances, with no expectations that anything would ever get better. Then I decided that I should joined them and gave them support and protection. Some of them believed that their life script were set in stones.

During P.E. classes, I stood in the gym and of course some of the girls felt inhibited around me." I wanted to earn their respect and trust !" I sat just next to the gym door, readily available if problems arose that one of the young students couldn't handle. Still young enough to sit cross - legged on the floor without getting stuck in that position, I donned matching gym clothes and joined one of the female student performed hatha yoga on the floor.

The girls from the rival gangs glared at one another. "Don't let them intimidate you." I reminded her. I think I should watch your back, young lady." I hissed."Tag! Good idea!" She responded with a thumbs - up!"I've yet to inform my eldest twin about this !"

Disclaimer :This is my real experienced and is by no means to criticised anyone.

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