Did they really think that would work ?!  

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6/6/2006 6:33 am

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Did they really think that would work ?!

Hell !! Just forget about it !! I was rambling about the half a bridge or crooked bridge that Malaysia has build across the Straits of Johor that it is a sad symbol of the trouble waters of Malaysia - Singapore relations.

Although it ends halfway in the straits, the two countries are not able to meet each other's halfway about the necessity for a bridge to replace the Causeway. It illustrates the difficulties in bridging the deep divided between the two countries over a package of issues from airspace, water to railway land which have remained unresolved since 1990.

In the last few years, water has been the source of too much discussion between Malaysia and Singapore. It should not !! A torrent of rhetoric, allegations and occasional misrepresentation has muddied the central questions : can any person on this earth, in this day and age, truthfully say that three Malaysian sen - or 1.4 Singapore cents or 0.8 US cents - is a fair price to pay for 1,000 gallons of water?

Of course Malaysia must fully consider Singapore's concerns But is a fair price for water from Malaysia is too much to ask for?!Currently working for three months now in the state republic, I find myself going there almost every day except for Saturdays and Sundays.The immigration officers are always polite, but even though I don't look in the least like a terrorist, they checked the trunk of my beemer thoroughly anyway.

When I do get lost in Singapore, I ask the locals for directions. Now if you need to do that, it is clear that you are from out of town. So when they realised that I am from across the border - a Malaysian - they start assaulting me and throwing pristine Newater on my face. Fucking hell shit !!

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