Chicken soup for Gay.  

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5/31/2006 8:16 am

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Chicken soup for Gay.

I laughed my ass off thinking about my last post.Where I pondered about how these gay couples fights among themselves ; who gets the most kicked and punched, the most swollen on their bodies and how their manipulated each others after every fights. Again, some more interestings researches follow on the net(oh boy, I really enjoy this) about some of their ups and downs relationships which sometimes causing a battle of " Two Samsons" among them which I called,"Chicken soup for Gay."Enjoy...

"He fights like a baby.He'll shout,'So's your "fucking" mum! ' He'll insult me, call me names.And he's not above making faces at me behind my back."

" When I'm angry, he retreats.Takes a nap.Gets under the covers, closes his eyes and hopes it will all go away."

" He thinks that he has to 'fix' every problem.If he can't, he just give me a slap!"

" He snarls at me and growls like a mad dog. It vibrates, low in his throat, 'Grrrrrr.'"

" when he gets home, he wants affection.You know, romance ? He comes in and fondles me.Dinner's burning, I got mad and give him a punch."

" You can tell what mood he's in by the name he calls me.If he's happy, 'Pat boy,''Big Guy,''Buddy' or 'Carrot man.'And if he's not, I'm 'Ole pal' or 'Sucking Brits.'"

" He has this need to tell people that we adopted.It's like, How do you do ? Our kids are adopted,'He goes through the whole story."

" Nothing's fun. Everything's serious.Even Monopoly is fierce.I won't play with him, not anything."

" My husband leaves parties.He just disappears for a while.Goes off to a local bar with one of the guys, Maybe a cousin, maybe a friend, to 'get away from the crowd.'If I won't let him out of my sight, I'll be in deep shit once we return home."

" He listens to opera with the volume up all the way.When the sopranos sing, I stay away from the windows."

" He never buttons his red shirt because an old girlfriend told him it was sexy to let a few chest hairs show."

" Every week, unless we have plans with another gay couple, he says, 'Where do you want to go?" When I name a place, he says, 'No, I don't want to go there.' or, 'Not again!'"

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