30 or 300 posts ?!  

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5/26/2006 8:35 am

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30 or 300 posts ?!

Hell, how quickly times fly! It's been three months now since I first started blogging on this site. 300 posts?! No, I'm just kidding.It's actually my 30 posts So, what is there to be happy about? Nothing...nothing at all.

Well, it could possibly be a 300 posts for real if I count the time I've wasted doing my laundry, arrived home late after the dreadful traffic conjestions across the causeway,washed my car, ironing my clothes and watched my favorite CSI where I don't have the time to blog!

So, what am I rambling (yes, I'm a rambler) here right now?There must be something special about this 30(300)posts.Oh yeah...there is. I'm gonna revealed 30 things about myself.So...here we go.

1. I'm originally from Sarawak,Borneo.

2. My mother is a caucasian.

3. My father is a local.

4. 'Ais kacang' is my favorite dessert.

5. I like it because it tastes good.

6. I hate ice cream but I love chocolate.

7. I was engaged once and she's 26.

8. I was 30 years old at that time.

9. She break-up our engagement.

10. We've engaged for almost a year.

11. She told me that she wasn't ready yet.

12. Then I said occay, that's fine with me.

13. I don't know where the hell she is now.

14. My favorite sport/game is snooker.

15. I first started playing snooker when I was 15 years old.

16. I trained 5 hours a day, seven days a week for 5 years.

17. I learned everything from trial and error.

18. I hate playing pool.

19. I think it was much easier than snooker.

20. Maybe because of the table pockets size and the table size itself compared to snooker.

21. I was once the state amateur snooker champion.

22. I managed to do the 147 century breaks 3 times in my life.

23. 15reds, 15 blacks and all the six colors.

24. And not every snooker professionals could managed to do that !

25. I graduated from University Malaya (aka Malaysia's Oxford.)

26. I possessed my engineering licenced six years ago.

27.I preferred working with companies who offerred a contract work terms.

28.Because I can resigned after my working contract ends and looking for a much better paid jobs.

29. I just don't know what I'm thinking right now.

30. Oh yes...by the way, today is Friday and have a great weekend to all who view and read this.woo....hoo...

rm_gigolo394 50M
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5/26/2006 4:09 pm

Oh yeah sure...thanks so much.

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