Welcome Back!  

rm_gg2plz 37F
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9/7/2005 2:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Welcome Back!

So I am not a new member I was just MIA for a minute. I bet you all want to know why well it was alot of things. Where do I start how about with the kid nap and of myself by no one else other than my own husband that I have not seen in a year. He said he did it because he loved me(It's okay to laugh at the dumb ass) I did and then told him he needed to seek help. Then he let me just walk away which I still dont understand I thought he was going to kill me for sure,God held my hand that night. Then my current man came and got me and was so upset at what he saw he lost all controle and well lets say illeagal activity then took place in my behalf! To bad that only landed him locked up and us both set apart from each other for a long while. But threw it all I lost everything including my pride and all that made my life. All I can say is thank God I am alive and I was able to take time to heal and relize God is not6 threw with me yet he must have a plan for me yet.

mwj29 40M
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9/8/2005 11:08 pm

welcome back! and i'm sure god has a plan for u there's a plan for us all. The hard part is figureing out what it is.

rm_rick89052 58M

10/23/2005 5:29 pm

Hey Gigi
Welcome back and glad you are OK

rm_longliner002 50M
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12/1/2005 7:38 pm

glad you are ok. good luck with the good things that can happen next
Angels are messengers created by God for God,
They have no set rules, or standards to be filled,
They are here for us whenever we call upon them,
All you have to do is call them, you'll be fulfilled,

Angels are loving and guiding too,
They help you whenever you call upon them,
They come to you instantly that you know,
They wait for your beck and call, Amen,

You have spiritual help, but the choice is yours,
To call them when you are in need,
Angels surround you and are with you all the time,
They will assist you, so take heed.

Angels will support you all the time,
People today seem to have forgotten about them,
People today seem to be fading away
From spirituality and God, Amen,

So be alert and be aware,
That your angels are waiting for you,
They are so eager to help and assist,
So call upon them, please do

rm_cokestud69 48M
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1/7/2006 9:51 pm

hello .
im rick a love of mine is in the prostition life please if you can help me save her

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