Intense awareness, Kundalini Yoga  

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Intense awareness, Kundalini Yoga

anacortes commented om my recent post:
Bruce.. If you check the literature on Kundalini.. you will find much about energy and chakras, etc.. Please share your impressions of Kundalini as Yoga..

Kundalini is Yoga It is one of the 5 main paths in yoga within Hinduism. The word kundalini can be used to refer to such energy. Anacortes meaning is those who follow such a path. It is called Kundalini Yoga. In the US, adherents I have met all are associated with Yogi Bhajan. See his where they say, "Happiness is your birthright. Live it."

Pantanjali in his aphorisms teaches some of what the Kundalini teachers use, for breathing and for active movement of awareness within the body.

Like all 5 Paths of Yoga, Kundalini fully uses what most consider yoga, postures and related, asanas. Hatha yoga is the formal name.

I have visited with and done some yoga and kundalini breathing with teachers of that path. It is great stuff. My experience of 4 or 5 such yoga teachers has been very positive. They have not been recruiters or preachers.

In the Boston area the American Sikhs have an intentional community one can visit.

All around New England well trained Yoga teachers from the American Sikh Kundalini Yoga community provide classes. A list of such could be found.

Ask about breathe of fire. It is way cool to learn. Frog pose is not fun, not for my legs.


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Kundalini Yoga is one of the 5 major yogas. It includes Hatha Yoga, the yoga of physical postures, called asana. It adds use of breathing techniques and meditation techniques.

To build up the amount of energy in ones body is a process understood in Kundalini yoga. How to handle the increase in energy is an important aspect.

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