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7/15/2005 2:12 pm

There are tons of how to manuals online for free. Also, in libraries; or if you like to collect books, at the store.

One about Sacred Sex is where I started. The author I refer to is Donald M. Kraig.. I also found him thru Google.

Off the top of my head I feel you would be practicing Tantra if you:
were always honest/ to others and most importantly, yourself.
were always respectful of others and, "
could feel always "connected" with the planet and universe.
appreciated the gift of life you have and all the many blessings.
stayed in the present, and forgot about the past and future.

I believe Tantra can be easy. These are just a few things which came to mind.

Namaste... Frederick

rm_gentleone617 65M
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7/20/2005 9:16 pm

Frederick, I agree with what you say. It is all right thinking, but not complete.

Your 5 traits are part of the "perennial philosphy" as called by Aldous Huxley, the traits that are common as a core subset of most all of the light and love religions in this world.

The 5 traits you name are also particularly relevant for Taoism. They are not so much a focus but are requirements to be a true Christian. All of the 5 Yogas require the 5.

Tantra is a word with a meaning that can be loose.

One can do what the tantra followers do, to breathe and move, without the 5. Such a one can get much if not the same results.

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