Rough and hard or smooth?  

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6/18/2005 6:50 am

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Rough and hard or smooth?

How do women like it?
Rough and hard or smooth, that is the debate, my personal experience is that relatively tight grills often prefer soft and smooth action and big grills, relatively large grills like it hard, but I don’t want to generalize, because it always comes down to the personal preference.
I am an 8inch man with a mushroom sized head and beside the fact I’m relatively god equipped, all I can tell that a large penis is a very inviting thing for ladies, but when plugged into a vagina it is often to large for it and by the way it makes the lady to stretch to her maximum size.
As I observed some women would find being stretched inappropriate, because it is to painful for her, when she is really tight, but figured to massage her clitoris with my big head and some women would find it mind blowing thing-as I believe- being f*** hard, like porn star style.
All this depending on the mood of the woman, I personally prefer making love to her rather than having only sex.
I believe that fu**** really hard can’t give the woman multiple ejaculations because as I suppose the female body needs constant changing stimulation after coming down from an orgasm, am I right ladies?
Some of you understood me wrong according to my last question, I wanted to have impacts upon a rear female orgasm, the uterine orgasm, and wanted to highlight the importance of being one with your partner, the deeper connection that gives both male or female ejaculation a whole new meaning.

rm_qcao1 48F
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6/18/2005 9:36 am


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