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Murder,passion, sex, and revenge all combine to make a real jambalaya of a novel by John Biguenet. This transplanted Louisiana author writes with the descriptions and insights of Faulkner.
Set in 1957 in the cajun part of Louisiana, Biguenet's novel starts with two competing oystermen and their families: the Petitjeans and the Bruneaus. When Felix can't pay his debts, his rival, Horse Bruneau, agrees to lend him money in return for the papers on both the petitjeans' house and boat. And to seal the bargain, the fifty-two year old Horse is promised their eighteen-year-old daughter,Therese, as a bride.
There is one small problem: Therese is unwilling to be traded for "...the price of no damn boat."
What happens next would make a great episode of CSI. It will keep you turning page after to page as you become enmeshed in this subculture with its food, its music, and its mores.
This book is almost as good as sex. And that is saying a whole lot. It is some good; ce bon.

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You are most welcome. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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