If I was wearing a kilt would you go under it?  

rm_gealicsky 43M
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7/24/2006 2:52 pm
If I was wearing a kilt would you go under it?

Well, so this is a blog where you express your thoughts and experiences. Guess I should start by saying I live in Canada, in Manitoba you know armpit of Canada, and for all you americans just think of North Dakota, but I don't speak with that retarted accent like they used in the movie Fargo! Good movie though. So I met this girl who was deeply religious, very nice girl and awesome looking, but I am not religious. She told me right off the bat no sex, while that was bad, but I thought I would stick it out for a while. Things were going good for a while, lots of blue balls, then she started saying crazy things, eg, god told me in a dream that your going to marry me, this was after two months! Then I told her about a week later "if you need help of any kind, money, support, wahtever just ask me. So she did, she asked me for two hundred dollars for groceries, I said sure no problem. The next week she switched her hrs from full time to casual, as in two days a week. She lived in an apt with her daughter, not a real wise decision I thought. About 4 days after that she asked me for 800 dollars to pay bills and stuff. Lets look at the big picture here, no job, no SEX so what did she have to offer?
Not long after that I met another girl, In our first phone conversation she told me she wanted me to "put it in her ass and then come in her mouth" Well holy shit after two months of no sex and then this, I walked around with a permanent erection until I met her! I was so horney and nervous that when we had sex I was terrified I would go off in two seconds. But she knew this and was very experienced in the sex dept, so as soon as we started getting intimate she lubed up her hand and gave me the best hand job I ever had, then she waited 10 mins, then she started showing me her toys and how she used them. Well in no time at all I was ready to go again, and thanks to her efforts I made her scream,lol. Six times we did it over the course of the night and once in the morning,lol. What a woman! But we decided we were not right for each other so now we just get together whenever our dates fall through, benifits you know?
Anyways thats my last couple months, now I'm back to erattic sex again and it sucks!! But I am sure I will find someone else who likes sex as much as I do and who wants marriage and kids!!

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