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3/4/2006 9:38 am

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Club 440 repost and review

The Main Event ‒ It could not be said any better! Special thanks to Keith & Maggie for putting Morganraiders first on the “hit parade” at Club 440!

Secondly, Cody, Teri and many, many more ‒ all I can say is “AWESOME.” You have the “beginnings” of one of the best things to hit the Lifestyle Cincinnati Community.” Marilyn and I wish you and your group all the luck on Present and future endeavors!

Yes ‒ what a nice fit for a lifestyle club ‒ Oh I forgot ‒ an Assembly Hall! It was plenty loud on the dance floor, but from the table and chairs area, folks could sit around watching all the sexy bodies on the floor while having an intimate or fun conversation! We were out there several times and the acoustics was terrific! The dance floor has a “four to six inch” elevation so you got to be careful entering and leaving. Very easy for somebody intoxicated or just plain old ‒ how about it Harry ‒ to fall and break something. I saw a couple Ladies leaving the floor with silhouettes (Fuck Me Pumps) do a little jiggle as they were leaving. The dance floor has a pretty cool pattern and the “dance pole” is a very special addition to the “dance scene!” Further, the lighting is excellent and accents all the dancers on the floor. If I could offer a suggestion, I would makes sure people see the edge of the floor. You know there is going to be a tumble.

Cody ‒ you have done an “outstanding” job pulling this off! Marilyn and few others got pretty NAKID last night. Not one time did I hear my sweetheart claim she was cold. There were plenty of emergency exits ‒ and NO draft.

Plenty of tables and chairs to sit around and bullshit with your favorite sexy person! Special touch of large candles on the table. Who ever had that idea ‒ I salute you! There was one thing that I enjoyed seeing was the different types of chairs in the club. There were your conventional chairs, but they had some chairs that you see on the river ‒ you know the ones that you kinda melt in and soak up the sun. Further, chairs encompass the wall in the back of the club to allow playtime, fondling, touching, that yummy stuff! Really nice touch!

There was one pool table and a dart game. Cody, we love interactive stuff. If you could add another pool table or any type of game that would be cool! I did mention to Cody there was no "water fun." I beleive this is on the way -- more of a "wait and see" how things go! Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a LARGE investment. Your support will make it or break it!

In a couple of corners was maintenance and building materials, but “hey” Cody can be “Suzie Homemaker” too! Overall, I give the area an “A” for size, comfort, and atmosphere of fun. One thing that I would put up in the near future is some type of “smoke eaters” or air induction device. It did get pretty smoke in the back of the club.

We never ventured back into the club, because it is under construction. I did hear there will be party rooms upstairs for couple that like to partake in “Assembly Activities.” Downstairs will have a dungeon that will bring any persons fantasy true! I will wait to comment on this when it complete. One little concern was the restroom area. I kinda like the idea of sharing a bathroom with the female gender. I have the opportunity to show off Mr. Johnson ‒ but the reality of the situation is ‒ more facilities are required. I am sure that is on Cody’s Plate for things to do! You got to keep in perspective this was a “sneak peek.”

When we pulled in the area is a little dark. Plenty of parking but hard to see. You enter into the side of the building. I do not see any issues here, but a little lighting would be nice. I am NOT thinking large overhead lights, but rather low lighting that lights up the trail we all walk to the door. Again, lots of women wear slutwear and high heels. I would hate to see somebody blow out an ankle and overhead lights would let folks on the road see more than what is require. Leaving is a little bit more of a challenge. When they lock the doors at 12:00 pm ‒ which is my favorite time ‒ you exit out through another door. This area does have some challenges; there is a little “drop off” from the wood ramp to the concrete. Further, the lighting is very poor. Again, a little review of the area with LOW lighting would be appropriate. At no time did we see any issues with the authorities, and since we live in the area, we will keep our “eyes and ears” open to any issues! It boils down to this ‒ if we conduct ourselves as a community of “fun loving responsible” people, there should be no issues. If you see somebody who has too much to drink, please intervene and get Cody or the management involve. I believe it is the responsible thing to do, plus you might save one or our fellow “future or present” lovers an embarrassing and difficult time. Furthermore, we want to show the community of Milford this is a NON-ISSUE assembly hall!

The community that comes from Morganraiders, and other groups from Swapper Net is fucking awesome. Club 440 or any Club does not exist without our support. Even though it was only one night ‒ the membership that showed up was incredible! Some of the hottest, sexy women are in this area! I salute you gals and guys ‒ from Northern Kentucky, the bowels of the Ohio River, Greater Cincinnati area ‒ not to forget a few folks who came from Indiana and Dayton area! You all are “sexual charge” to the great community that we live in! Keep it going!

In summary ‒ this is a must see if you are part of the Greater Cincinnati Community. If you have any ideas ‒ Cody is very open to your comments, suggestions, and editorials! What the club is ‒ is what you put into it! Speak up!

On a personal note, thanks to all the lovely ladies who graced the floor for Jason and my birthday lap dance! It is one of those “Kodak Moments” that I will never forget! Thank you from an old fuck!

Our Heart to Yours,
Jim and Marilyn Too

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sorry we were not there

Purry {=}


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