Babes and Bowling event review!!!  

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8/13/2006 10:36 am
Babes and Bowling event review!!!

You heard of the Batesville Motel? Well ‒ this one was a real screamer!!!!!!
Thanks to OHIOFUNCPL ‒ “Babes and Bowling” was completely off the chart ‒ with great fun at the bar, dance floor, and bowling lanes!

The evening started a little slow ‒ due mainly to that ugly word call “responsibility,” but by 9:00 pm the bar was hopping, the dance floor rocking, and bowling was just a “cosmic” load of fun! Paul and Amy did a great job of welcoming folks at the door and ensuring they were “saddle up” with a cold adult beverage and doing the introductions “thing” with all the couples. Besides Swappernet - there was a variety of new faces, and profile names that came to the party. All the guest at the party had the opportunity to receive “table information” on such groups as, Live Oak Resort, and a variety of Life style connections magazines. Marilyn and I were EXTREMELY impressed with all the homework that gone into the party!!!!

As we drank, dance, and bowled the night away ‒ about once or twice per hour ‒ door prizes were given out to all who entered! Each door prize had a value of at least $100.00 or more! The main door prize was valued well over $500.00! It was a great time to watch the girls walk up ‒ shaking their sexy asses ‒ and picking up their prizes! I have never seen so much excitement! Paul and Amy thanks for providing the sponsorship of the party!

Being on the disable side due to a knee injury ‒ I took a small inventory of “who was at the party!” My dear friends from Lima, Ohio made the trip down ‒ many, many thanks; Folks from Northern Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio were all present! Thanks to all who made the track to Batesville!

Even with a “pesky” knee plaguing my fun ‒ I did manage to get out and “search” for that bowling high game door prize! Soon as I walked into the area there was three or four lanes ‒ four to six people deep ‒ bowling their lovely assess away! It was a first for me to see hot, sexy women throwing a bowling ball with butts a shaking and tits a bouncing! It was worth the admission just to see this! I believe the high game was 278 ‒ low game prize ‒ well ‒ I believe it was somewhere near the forties??? Just to report in ‒ I did break 150 ‒ Yipe!

The music and sound system provided by Lefty’s Bar was short of outstanding! Everybody had a great time being able to dance to his or her favorite tunes ‒ and enjoy shaking that sexy ass under a great light system!

Thanks Paul and Amy for all the hard work and commitment up front that makes these parties extremely special. Bringing events like this to the lifestyle table allows everybody to meet new people, and bring something “fresh” and “alive” to the lifestyle community!
Jim and Marilyn

P.S. The Ladies behind the bar last night ‒ did an outstanding job! Thanks so much for handling the crowd ‒ and making sure everybody is served!

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