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More Frottage Definitions


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This article is about the sexual practice. For the art technique please see frottage.

In the context of human sexual behavior, frottage or frotteurism (from the French frotter, to rub) is the act of achieving sexual gratification by rubbing one's (clothed or naked) body against another person. Frotteurism carries a connotation of "anonymous and discreet rubbing" in a public place–e.g. on a crowded train. The contact may be mutual or a one-way perpetration. A person who practices frotteurism is known as a frotteur. As with most other sexual practices, frottage with a non-consenting person is regarded as a form of sexual assault in most jurisdictions. A person with a devotion to frottage in a way that places him or her outside the typical frotteur is known colloquially as a frotteur geek.

Frot is a colloquial term used among homosexual men to refer to penis to penis rubbing in a conventional private context. It is also known in slang terms as "phrot", "swordfighting", "cockrub", "penis fencing", "bumping dicks", "frication", "docking", "cock knocking", "the Woodberry Hello", "Willy Wars" and "the Princeton Rub". Advocates of this practice represent it as a safer and more erotic alternative to anal sex.

Two people engaging in clothed frottage in a manner that simulates intercourse is known in the vernacular as dry humping. A modern dancing style which involves partners rubbing their clothed bodies on one another is called grinding, freaking or dirty dancing.

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