our adventures  

rm_gbgirl4 53M/53F
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8/28/2005 6:43 pm

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7/9/2007 5:55 am

our adventures

last weekend we fucked at my job.was so hot. we went when no one was there . he fucked me hard from behind then i got on my knees and he fucked my mouth and came on my face.....damn ....felt so good. he took pics of me sucking his cock and of the cum on my face ,cant wait til the next unusual or forbidden location ,for us to try ,cums along....

armhammer 52M/52F

8/29/2005 6:10 am

damn girl, thats hot! sounds like u r alot of fun and a risk taker! lucky man!

rm_gbgirl4 53M/53F
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8/30/2005 11:44 pm

went out to dinner ,a few nights ago.had few drinks and went out to his truck.he put me in the back seat and got in with me. i sat on his lap and he kissed me til i was crazy to fuck him.he made me wait, until we got back to my place then he gave me what i wanted so bad,awesome hard fucking then put me to bed.mmmmmmmm nice
the next morning i licked him and sucked his cock until he came in my mouth ,tasted so good..........then he went home,and i await his return. hope to fuck and suck his cock on webcam this weekend for all to see.....watch for us friday night ............

rm_WatchUsPhx 53M/53F

9/1/2005 9:32 pm

A few months ago I fucked a hot girl at her work with her security guard / friend filming us. The DVD is way hot, she stripped down naked, only wearing her black boots. Fucked her hard, loved bending her over a desk and pulled her hair with a little chocking. At the end of dvd she is plaing with herself as I cum on her sweet face. I love that she licks up all my cum, she is the hottest girl I have been with, we have shared many wild, naughty experiences.......

rm_WatchUsPhx 53M/53F

9/7/2005 6:26 am

A few weeks ago I took my sexy girl to a local adult club. I dressed her in a short school-girl skirt, no panties, tight black corset top, 8 inch stripper shoes and black stockings.....and she wore her collar and leash. She has a great hard body and looked so fuckable in her little outfit. She danced for me as I sat in a chair next to the dance floor, grinding on me and flashing me, she had the attention of all in the club. We went into a small, private back room where she sucked my cock, then I bent her over and fucked her hard for a few minutes, my hands on her tiny waist pulling her body onto my hard cock as we fucked, I pulled her hair and wrapped my hands around her sexy neck.
I pulled out without cumming, dressed myself, and walked her half naked to a room with a large viewing window. She dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock as about 10 - 15 guy packed in front of the window to watch. I put her on her back on the bed in front of the window, had her spread her sexy legs and show all the people her sweet pussy. I made sure to hold her leash tight so she knew who was controlling her. She was still wearing her slutty stripper shoes, stockings, corset and collar/leash. She fingered herself and had gasm's for all watching. She got off seeing all the guys jerking off for on the other side of the window. I then had her get on her hands and knees and she continued playing with her gorgeous pussy having more gasm's. I then dressed her and walked her out of the room where several guys thanked her for the show and told her how sexy she was, I was very proud of my sexy slut for being so adventerious. I took her home and fucked her hard....which is her favorite way to fuck. I can't wait till next time............

rm_pjajcouple 47M/45F

2/14/2006 1:48 pm

Wow, Gbgirl and Watchus...you both sound amazingly sexy!! Hope to see one of your shows in the future. Too Hot!!

phxslutwanted 53M
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2/21/2006 8:39 pm

pjajcouple, we have done many naughty things in the Phoenix area (I'm the "hot-guy" from the stories with "watchus and gbgirl"). We enjoy playing in bars, parking lots, a dark alley (once). Several weeks ago we went to a large building in North Scottsdale. A guy wanted us to fuck in front of him in the building. As we drove up to the building the last couple of employees were leaving. We met the guy outside and he took us upstairs into an area with about 50 desks,we chatted a few minutes and walked around the large building looking for a good place to "do it". We picked a nice office with a desk by the window. I forced her to her knees when we entered the office, she unzipped my jeans and started sucking my cock, the guy was about 3 feet away watching her. He took out his cock and started stoking it while watching. I pulled her up, turned her around, bent her over and started fucking her hard and fast. It was exciting to be fucking in the business; thinking of the people that work there and if they would ever dream that strangers came to their office and fucked like pornstars....to be continued.......there is more to this story

phxslutwanted 53M
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3/3/2006 4:25 pm

I fucked her hard and fast...I was holding her by her hips...I then reached up and grabbed her hair...pull her head back as I fucked her...making her look at the guy watching her. I made her stand up, strip naked and lay on the desk on her back....I then grabbed her by her legs and pulled her onto my rock hard cock...it went into her pussy easy because she was so wet... Holding her legs I lifted her sweet ass off the desk as I started fucking her again....the sound of our body slapping together as we fucked could have been heard anywhere in the building…she was getting turned on with the guy watching her and she reached out and started to stroke his hard cock....I looked up a minute later and she had the guys cock in her mouth...she was taking two cocks and she loved it. The guy was excited and shot his cum on her face in a few minutes....I shot a load of hot cum on her face a few minutes later...she says she loves that and wants many guys to cum on her like that....on her face, tits, back and ass. We cleaned up; the guy walked us out and thanked us many times......now we are looking for our next adventure in the Phoenix area.

phxslutwanted 53M
4 posts
3/27/2006 6:50 pm

She found a guy she wants to fuck online .... she wants to do him soon...I wonder why I like to see her fuck other guys....

PoachChiveVedic 41M

4/26/2006 8:33 pm

awh man wher can I meet you qb or you naughty . I think that is so hot !!!

phxslutwanted 53M
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5/2/2006 9:09 am

As usual the guy from online flaked out....it funny thats it so hard to find normal, real people on here.

But we did go to one of the local adult clubs in Phoenix this past weekend. GB girl picked out a sexy blond woman that was pole dancing, she had a very sexy petite body and a great smile. GB girl and her danced together on stage...grinding and touching in front of everyone....it was very, very hot. We ended up in a backroom with her and two other guys....but thats for another story.....

rm_sexynsmart1 53M
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5/27/2006 8:37 am

Damn...GB Girl is so Hot!!

Every time I think I have experienced it all with GB Girl we discover more naughty adventures. On Friday I met her at a dark, cool bar for happy hour....after a couple of drinks and some playful touching...she said she wanted to lick me right there in the booth...I unzipped my shorts and pulled out my hard cock and she put my cock in her hot little mouth....damn it felt sooo good.

We left that bar and went to a lez bar down the street....thinking GB Girl could dance with some lez hot girls but the place was pretty empty....we had one drink, GB was getting very horny and was grinding her pussy on the corner of my chair, I unzipped her pants and quickly put a finger in her very hot and wet pussy...(did I ever tell you how tight her pussy is? Hard to believe for a chick that gets fucked so much) I told GB Girl I was going to the men’s room, and to meet me there in one minute. I went into the empty men’s room and GB Girl was in there in less than a minute....I kissed her then quickly forced her to her knees, I fucked her mouth, holding her hair tightly and she sucked my cock. After a minute I pulled her up and bent her over the sink, I fucked her hard, pounding her tight little pussy, fucking her fast, getting her close to cumming, but stopping just before she came. We walked out together, a few of the girls at the bar were watching us as we walked out...probably wondering what happened in there.

Next we decided to stop at a dive bar on Indian School, it was pretty crowded, by now it was past 6:00 pm and the Suns were playing, we had another drink and after a while we started playing again while sitting at the bar. I played with her tits under her shirt then unzipped her paints and fingered her little wet pussy as she stood next to me at the bar. She was rubbing my cock in my shorts, as she turned away I unzipped my shorts and pulley out my rock hard cock, I turned her around, showed her and she automatically started licking my cock at the bar, after about 5 seconds I pulled her up and covered my hard cock with my shirt. We looked around and nobody noticed, GB then started to lick me again!! Damn…it was way hot and it was very exciting.

By not it was 6:30ish and we needed to head back to my house to fuck for real....once we got in my truck GB girl took off her jeans, I started touching her and rubbing her sweet pussy...she unzipped my shorts and started licking me again....as we got on the Squaw Peak I had a handful of her hair and was forcing her mouth up and down on my cock, all the time I was telling her what a hot slut she is. As she continued to suck me, I saw she had her very sexy naked ass up by the passenger window....I quickly started rubbing it and started playing with her pussy for anyone to see that would be driving by us. After her pussy was very wet I slid a finger in her ass and pussy at the same, she was sucking my cock hard and fast as I played with her…..we soon reached the exit ramp, and amazingly enough, I drove the speed limit and never caused a single accident. GB put her pants back on….we went back to my house where we had one of our best fucking sessions in a while.

GB, thank you for being my Slut …your sexy, exciting and make life very interesting.

rm_dpsx2001 47M

5/30/2006 2:54 pm

Great story, wish I was in that bar to see her sucking your cock.

rm_sexynsmart1 53M
2 posts
6/11/2006 10:44 am

Hot Girl was very naughty the last couple of nights for me. I was gone on business for several days and hot girl picked me up at terminal four, she parked on the 8th floor so we could have a "longer" elevator ride. It was almost 11:00 pm so there were not many people around, as soon as we entered the elevator hot girl dropped to he knees and pulled out my cock and started licking and sucking me......damn it felt great! As soon as we pulled out of the parking garage she started licking and sucking me again for the ride home...we had a great fucking session when we got back to my house. After the fucking she finished me off with a great blowjob where I shot a big load of hot cum into her naughty little mouth….and of course she swallowed it all down.

The next day hot girl had to work….and I arranged a surprise for her. I met her for dinner around 5:30 pm, we ate and had a drink and then I quickly took hot girl to a secret location, a public building with a private spot. I made her take off all her clothes; I blindfolded her and made her kneel on the floor. Right on time an prearranged stranger enter our private area, hot girl was nervous but I could tell she was very excited to have another viewing her sexy naked hot body, the stranger knew he had only about 10 minutes to use her. He quickly had his cock in her mouth which she greedily licked and sucked, hot girl has an oral obsession and loves licking guys (strangers) more than fucking them. After about four or five minutes of sucking and licking I pulled hot girls hair, forcing her to stand up, and then bend over.

Hot girl looked incredibly sexy; she has a great ass and her body was glistening with sweat. The stranger quickly put on his condom and entered hot girls sweet, tight pussy. I was seated about five feet away, fully clothed and watched my girl perform a live porno show for me. She was still blindfolded as he fucked her…after about three minutes he was ready to cum….hot girl returned to her knees just in time…the stranger removed his condom and shot a huge load of cum on her face, mouth and hair. Damn it was hot seeing that!! She continued to suck him and he was so turned on by her he go hard quickly and shot another load of cum on her in less than two minutes. The stranger quickly dressed and left. When he left she was on her knees, naked, and cum dripping off her face. She never saw him, knew his name or anything about him.

rm_gbgirl4 53M/53F
2 posts
6/13/2006 12:55 pm

hot guy and i are always looking for that new ,different or exciting place to play .
we have been very naughty at my job ,wow if they only knew !
we have fucked in almost every building there !
we've taken some very naughty pics there as well ...very hot stuff!
we play around at the clubs ,bars ,resturants ,strip clubs ,shops and stores ,in his cute little car ,even fucked while he was driving his truck !
of course ,i lick him ANYWHERE..lol. all we need is a few seconds and no one looking, and i'm on my knees happily licking hot guy .he of course ,has the presence of mind to keep us out there on the edge ,but never in trouble ...always pulling my hair and making me wet ,he knows that he can just tell me and i'll gladly lick him ,where ever and when ever ,he wants take my clothes off for him ,and will fuck him any way he wants ..
never thought being such a slut ,could be so much fun !
think of any hot or unusual places for us ????
write and give us your ideas ....who knows ? we will probably try it !

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