Ya know,,,,  

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5/9/2006 11:27 pm

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Ya know,,,,

I posted this in an e-mail to a friend, but decided it was a good place to start a blog, a further explanation follows....

The more I read this sight and the blogs, there are some downright freaks in this world. And what's up with extreme close up pictures of private parts?
Is the world really so depraved that we can't look for someone to hold hands with and have dinner without having to wade through the cornicopia of people who want to be peed on and have sex with an elevator full of perfect strangers?
I mean, okay, whatever gets you off is fine with me, but being the naive square midwestern boy I am, I always found that you start kissing, rubbing get eachothers clothes more or less out of the way and sometimes you find something neat in there that the two (and for me any more is a crowd, thank you very much) of you think was worth remebering for next time. Can't say I know a lot about whips and nipple clamps, but I do find a little ice enjoyable, I've always been fond of candles and there is something special to me about showering with a friend. Granted there is a lot more on that list, both for me and I would assume most other people, but if it takes much more than that, I can only wonder when we get a video game version of it with Dolby Suround Sound. And that would suck. I am a pilot, not for a living anymore, but I still do it for fun. And I've never seen a Flight Simulator program that compares with the unique feeling of gliding into a final approach on a perfect day with the window open.
Or maybe it's just me....


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5/10/2006 7:55 am

welcome to blogging

lots of things in the blogs, thankfully not just close ups from privates....

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