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5/10/2006 12:12 am

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Where I come from

Okay, so I'll let you know what I'm thinking.

I was happily married for 15 years. We had ups and downs, all marriegs do, but I didn't cheat on my wife, don't come home drunk, we had a decent sex life. I'm not into wife swapping or seriuos kink, I was comfortable. And then one day I came home and half the furniture was gone, a little note on the table "my lawyer will contact you".

I'll admit I'm kind of Ward Cleever, but hey, that was good enough for me.I was totally and devotedly in love with my wife, and she ran off with her "massage therepist", well, it devastated me. I wlaked around the empty rooms of the house,going back and forth from grief to anger, crying, and I mean bawling and screaming. Left messages on her phone, pleading with her to please come back home, I'll do anything.

Well, she apparently felt a lot of guilt, all she wanted was me to pay off her car loan and one of our 2 Sea Doos. I could keep the savings, the retirement funds, the house and all the equity, it added up to a substantial amount and she had just taken an $11/hour job so she was hardly flush with cash. Nothing, just let me go.
ANd then I went crying again. Now my own descent into madness was self injury. I cut my arms with razor blades. It's sooo 19 year old girl, canb't figure out how I discovered it, but hey, the next Freddy Krueger Movie, I got a part as an extra locked in.

I deal with it. Self injusry is a suicide alternative, so they tell me and having to use extra detergent on your sleeve is much better than being dead. Of course ther are days when I wonder if that's true, but I suspect it is, I have found a reason every dsay not to find out, so I'm okay.

And a friend, tired of me looking like I was gonna lcok up the garage and leave the engine running pointed me here.
Now, I'm I guess middle aged (42) but young at heart, I'm the all american boy from Cincinnati and grew up sheltered I guess. I will admit every man has the FMF fantasy and I did too, but when your wife runs off with another woman, lesbians aren't so sexy anymore. ANd in fact, a lot of what is offered isn't anything that sounds like much fun to me either.

OI'm just old fashioned enough to want to go to dinner and get a good night kiss, maybe a little light petting on the couch first date. Second date, maybe meet the kids (I love kids!) and do a "family thing" which would not be a chore to me, I'd enjoy it as much as, if in a different way, that the third date, which if I'm lucky, I might get some heavier petting and maybe even have sex. I don't want to take anyone's life over, but if our lives should start to blend together that works fine for me. That's why I don't get some of the stranger fetishes on here. Hey, maybe they're the bees knees and I don't know what I'm missing, but I don't eat Caviar either, no matter how you dress it up, it's fish eggs. ANd pretty much everything I see here can evolve along a perfectly normal channel between consenting adults, but advertising for fisting among strangers is kind of out there in my book. Why can't we all first, be a lot more honest about what we are looking for> I suspect a lot of the folks talking about rimming and cockrings may have well done that but was it that good that you need to put it forward as your best feature. There are some of up who put "well Educated" and well read" up jhow is that different
Another thing, I don't know who women work, but don't think a kodak of you little Kojack is impressing them. Ther most beautiful clitoris in the world will never catch my attention unutl the rest of the package presents it to me with the trust to know what to do with it, or at least be gentle until I learn.
You're all more or less decent people, salt of the earth, but honestly, sometimes I see profiles and BE AFRAID,BE VERY AFRAID" flashes in front of you eyes
Can't a guy just find a girl to meet someone in a public place for a meal of coffe, for about $20 or less and see if something comes of that that gets you closer to the kiss, the rubbing, the petting, the getting each other's clothes off, and messing up the sheets . If this process takes thrre or four dates...that's called respect, or it sure used to be
Than ks for reading my rant


MysteryDreamer 57F

5/10/2006 2:48 am

Welcome to Blogland!! I totally agree with you. This site is something else. You must be very cautious. I too led a sheltered life, and not far from Cincinnati(Ohio). Hope you find what you are searching for. Lots of luck!!!

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