What are we here for, really?  

rm_gbe1964 52M
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5/21/2006 7:36 pm
What are we here for, really?

I am getting the impression that a good deal of the people on this site are more into chat/IRC/AIM than in actually meeting people. Okay, fine, but that's not my thing, sorry. I'm really single, not hiding from my spouse or anything and I'm serious about finding someone to be with. I went to the IRC thing, which I don't really understand, but it comes across as very cliquey and all, and I don't want to join a club, thank you very much. Besides, have you been in these chat rooms? Lots of "hi's" and "byes" to the "regulars" along with their chat that if you're not one of them makes little sense, and least to me and lots of lurkers and then the guys who think it's a good idea to post "SWM in Cleveland looking for a BJ" I wonder if that actually works for them? Hell, maybe I should try it. But no, I won't. While I'm in favor of a good blow job as much as the next guy, I'm really looking for a person to be with. Is that too much to ask on a singles site?

Oh, and they still won't let me post pictures of Chili Dog in my profile. I can use them as thumbs on a post and that's it. I CAN take a picture of my penis and post it all over the place, though. But again, I won't. I do sometimes enjoy the odd picture women here seem to post of them in various stages of undress or banging someone, but just a hint ladies, if you're looking for some erotic chat, yeah, it works, but I don't know howw much repect I can have for someone who feels the need to post amatuer porn in order to get noticed. It kind of makes me wonder how manyh of them are angry at the world for making sex objects out of them, but maybe not. A good face shot is enough, really.
Or at least for me.

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