Flight Test  

rm_gbe1964 52M
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5/14/2006 9:43 pm
Flight Test

If anyone saw the One of a Kind 2005 Mustang Mach 1 doing touch and go landings on I-71N tonight, that was me. I fell asleep at the wheel and launched a priceless prototype into a gaurdrail. I haven't seen the car yet, but I was a mess. No major damage to me though, bumps, bruises and strains. No blood, no broken bones and no surgery needed to prolong the vital signs. I've got a lot of stiffness (but I get Codiene for it) and I'll have to take a day off work, wow, that's gonna suck.
Now I just have to explain what happened to the car. It had VPR (Ford's Black Box System) so we'll know exatly what happened, but I'm curious to see the damage to the body work. My only recollection is of the car going airborn.
More tomorrow, when I see the damage.


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