And maybe not...  

rm_gbe1964 52M
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5/15/2006 6:52 pm
And maybe not...

Let's see. Thje censors of this site allow dick pictures but not puppies? For those of us not interested in being hooked up to the old crank telephone generators for sexual pleasure, cute animals are still something we can have a mutual interset in with someone we may want to fuck someday. Not that I'm complaining about the "erotic photo" things on here, some of you women are for lack of a better phrase, damned hot, but c'mon, I just wanted to show a few pics of my dog. If I pose her on naked lady, would that be good enough?

On the car, I went to see it today. I'm almost disappointed. I told everyone what a big crash I had, how brave and strong I was to survive it, etc... and the car is almost without visual damage. Of course, being the super smart car guy I am, I do know it has some damage you can't see, but that's hardly sexy, kind of ruins the story. The moral of course is that a Mustang may not fly very well, it does land pretty good, which is better than I can say for at least a few real airplanes I've flown.
Talked to the very nice State Trooper about the wreck. He told me I was trying to tell him I had a pilot's license in the back, he thought that was funny. The punch line is I did have my flight bag with me and there was indeed a fully valid commercial pilot certificate (Multi Engine Instrument) in the back seat, in the flight bag, right where I told him it was. He thought I was joking about the car being airborne (which it was, according to the report, for approximately 26 feet) while I, in my less than cogent condition was merely trying to show him my license and registration. Which brings us to another point I want to bring up. I've never been a cop, never wanted to be and I've had my own fair share of trouble with them dating back to being the head of a group of 12 year olds who read the Outsiders and wanted our own gang. We tossed over trash cans, stole the emlems off of cars, smoked in a clubhouse, and generally were a real bunch of pre-teen badasses. Then I started driving when I was 16, and by the time I was 21 I had learned how. Smoked little dope in the woods. Whatever, as a young and stupid person I hated cops, called them pigs and generally was obnoxious around them. When you're a kid you have an excuse, but now I find I actually appreciate the police. They drive around the sub division and keep kids acting like I once did from trashing my house. Are very polite when they pull you over for going a little faster than you should be (I got a warning for 32 in a 25, which I would never even expected whenb I was a kid) They come when you call, so actually, when you get grown up, you are finally to them like they wanted to act like you were in middle school when they had those "police are our Friends" days. All that saidf, I like the policeasa bonafide decent citizen, I finf them faily decent guys trying to do a job that most of us don't want, risking their lives for our safety, and great guys to stop and buy a cup of coffe for at the United Dairy Facrmers C store. Let's here it for these underappreciated people who take care of us. The police officer.

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