the clueless case  

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2/13/2006 12:09 am

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the clueless case

Well today started off slow, drove around a bit. Not much about that to tell anyone. Made it to work, day was pretty slow.

I'm not much of a snow person, I am one of those people that if I didn't have to go out i wouldn't because its way too cold and wet out. But I guess if we don't have snow up here then there is no snowmobile people, and no snowmobile people no business and no business well that means Mr. Gameboy will have to find a new source of income.

Good thing is I will be taking my GED test soon. So hopefully I will pass and get a better job. If not I'm sure i could always join a cult and have them make it snow, just kidding.

I saw a lot of hot looking studs today. Some where flirting with me. And although I don't mind the occasional 3 some, i don't think I'm ready for a 3 some relationship. So all i could do is smile and do very little flirting. Oh and the girl i was working with thought that all these hot guys were acting all weird, or that they might have some mental problem. Maybe i should have explained to her that I am gay, and that sometimes other gay men, come in and buy stuff, and sometimes like to flirt with other men. I know that wasn't all that important to say, but I kind of thought it was funny, for some odd reason she thinks that all men should flirt with her, and that they should bend over and kiss her ass. Don't get me wrong she is kind of cute, just not my type and defiantly not all that interesting to be around.

Maybe i should have told her that her boyfriend and i had a thing not too long ago, and that he didn't seem to mind a little man on man action. OK so i didn't take him fully, just gave him head and let him play with my cock. Would have let him go farther if he wanted to, but he was kind of scared about the whole thing.

Anyways most of the night was slow, and didn't really get to have sex with anyone. Still waiting for my Valentine to fall in love with me. Hope that you ladies and gentle men have better luck.

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